Five Nights in a Boat [Greece]


Booking a five day boat tour through the company, “Island Sailing” opened a new door of adventure and memories that will always be with me when I think about my time In Greece. For a brief explanation about this system, here is how it goes…

  • You have a skipper (Captain) – I had Mr. Biblis, who is the best skipper anyone could have.
  • For five nights, you sleep in a boat
  • During the mornings and evenings, it is time to explore the different Greek islands.
  • Sail during the afternoons (in between sailing from island to island, you can stop to swim at beautiful locations).
  • You personalize the schedule of how long you stay at an island and how many times to swim a day.



For a medium sized sail boat, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cabins were a generous size. In fact, when the five days came to an end, I had developed a subtle tie with my cabin which made it quite depressing to leave.


On each side of the boat, there are two sleeping cabins with a bathroom in the middle. A living room/kitchen is situated in the center of the boat.


At the very front of the boat lies a roped layer that can hold around four people at a time! But, I never wanted to test that limit just in case…


Being surrounded by the crystal clear waters excited us to quickly dive into the water to cool off our sun-kissed bodies. The heat relinquishing water addicted us to the point that we had to swim around two hours everyday.


Laughter, joy, and tanner bodies are gifts the sun gives to us.


However, if you bask in the moment too long and take for granted all the heat that is being absorbed in your skin, you could end up getting painfully hot and dangerously darker than the typical healthy shade for your body… which leads to–


Taking a swim in the cooling ocean to relieve the overwhelming heat/gift from the sun.



Not only is the ocean meant to cool us down, but to also educate and expose us to another world beneath us. Snorkeling became a regular hobby of mine during my time in the water. All the action and creatures I saw though, will have yet to be told in a future post now that I am on land and can access wifi again. Stay posted for more Greek adventures to come~



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      1. oh my, thank you for reminding me! I need to for sure update that page πŸ˜‰ and you should buy one. It is extremely useful when swimming or doing sports!


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