A Piece of Greece

Out of the 441 pictures that were taken during my time in Greece, I decided to pick and choose around 50 photos to help let you capture the beauty of Greece and what her islands have to offer. Moreover, not only is Greece overflowing with beauty, but it is also abundantly rich in history and mythology.


Under the Sea

Given the fact that I was staying in a boat for five nights (blog link), I was able to spend an enormous amount of time on and in the seas of Greece.

It was the perfect incentive to wake up each morning as I knew the night before that I had a refreshing experience to wake up to. I admit though that the temperature of the water wasn’t always the most warm welcoming experience like when you visit your grandparent’s or friend’s houses. Instead, it is like a host who tells you to come in if you want to and simply opens the door and walks away back into the house to let you decide whether or not you enter. Courageously, I decided to enter. After the first five minutes though, you adapt and it isn’t too bad after all.


Snorkeling was the biggest hobby of mine during those five days. Looking through the waters was almost like you were looking through glass since the waters were clear and pigmented a strong turquoise shade. My pink flippers and I swam through rock arches, underneath caves, and to both shallow and deep waters. Oh the things can witness when you’re in the ocean. As I snorkeled each day, I was able to observe different scenarios that might tickle you pink. For the sake of brevity, I will only tell you two stories.


Vanishing Sea Urchin

Once in a while during my snorkeling expedites, I would see a palm sized, deep purple ball with the spikes of a porcupine laying on the sand of the ocean floor: a sea urchin! Since I know that some sea urchins can be poisonous, I decided to touch through water but not directly with my hands. As if I was a water bender, I pushed pushed my hands underneath me as hard as I could to push water in a wave effect to reach the sea urchin. Once the pushed water touched the sea urchin, it quickly popped into the sand and went under without a trace.


Mister,  Don’t Steal my Girl (Starring: Two Hermit Crabs & One Petite Shell)


For the two hermit crabs, I will label them as hermit 1 and hermit 2. Hermit 1 was making its way to who-knows-where while holding his petite shell girlfriend when suddenly hermit 2 made his way into the scene by sprint-crawling from the left of my view. Hermit 2 quickly pinched hermit 1, which lead to a small saga between the two for the shell. After dropping the shell and picking it back up numerously, hermit 2 succeeded and ran off with the shell as hermit 1 simply stayed still to weep for a second. In the midst of my pity for hermit 1, he vanished underneath the sand. Maybe hermit 1 was weeping some some more for his taken love. Bam! Hermit 1 popped out of the sand where hermit 2 was running and quickly snatched back the shell and ran off as fast as his small feet could. So in the end, hermit 1 got back his girl.




Folegandros was the first island that we visited during the boat tour. Due to a late arrival, the only activity we were able to do was dine for dinner and look around.


The beauty of the eateries here were that the dining areas were decked out with cavernous trees that shaded the entire dining area to give a more cozy and romantic feel. The lights that strung over our heads was also a soothing sight.



Milos was a small quaint town that was bustling with tourists. Milos is perfect for those tourists who want a more quiet and less busy experience in comparison to islands like Santorini. The houses are closely built next to each other like how the resident there are all like family. It was a positive sight to see the seniors and younglings greet each other by name and sit down for a meal as I weaved in and out the villgae.



Within Milos, there is a underground burial sight that was for Christians back then to be buried in during the persecutions of Christians. Each half oval that is lighted is where one adult body would be placed in.



The smaller half oval within the adult sized one is where a baby would be placed.



Tip: In Greece, make sure to check the times when buses arrive and leave from their posts, because the rounds are usually in time increments of 30min – 1hr. This was the bus that we missed by 2min that came back in an hour.




Since it wasn’t the tourist prime time season yet (July – August), the villages seemed a bit deserted as we walked through the streets and alleys of Serifos. Despite the emptiness, the houses and shops were adorable. I could only imagine how much more beautiful it would be during the tourist season.


Historical Church
Mail box for an apartment




The modern feel to this island compared to the other islands listed before made sense that Mykonos is a hot spot for tourists and for partying.


They had some top-notch brand name stores along with brand named Greek fashion stores that let tourists see what was currently trending in Greece. Each ally was white and filled with people laughing, talking, and warm welcomes from the natives there.


An iconic figure for Mykonos: the three windmills

Nausa, Paros


Nausa is a town in the island or Paros. Out of all the islands I visited, I personally like Nausa the most. They say that Nausa is for the party people and the people who love peace and quiet. The mix of activities and sights to see is a beautiful blend that can suit anyone visiting. For one thing, I got a Garro fish spa treatment!



The tiny fish are dead skin eating fishes that have no teeth intact, so, to eat your dead skin, they simply suck. The moment my feet entered into the tank, it felt as if multiple vibrations were going off on my foot in tiny frequencies. Also, as the fish suck, they have an enzyme that they let out on your skin that softens and helps act as a antibacterial for mosquito bites. The cool part is that even after the treatment, the enzymes left on the skin continue to work over night as long as you don’t wash your feet.


Guess who else had been here in the past? Kobe Bryant!




By the water eating areas



Honestly, Santorini could be a whole post of its own because of all the beauty and activities it has to offer. Because of inundation of tourists, it was difficult walking up and down the alleys and streets. Also, since Santorini is small and a hot spot for must-see vacations, the possibilities of seeing someone famous is pretty high.



During my first night in Santorini, I saw Kaya Scodelario (from the Maze Runner) and her husband Benjamin Walker walking the streets. Regretfully, I didn’t get a picture with them but it was a cool experience to have seen a celebrity and exchange a smile with her.




I stayed at The Sea Captain’s House in Santorini which was an absolute beauty. Almost every piece of interior design was white. In addition, the service was on point along with a amiable host.


At our arrival spot, there was a donkey waiting to carry our luggage to our suite.

Outdoor quarters

Balcony/eating area for breakfast

The view from our suite



Thank you for reading~ this is one of the longest posts I have done but there just wasn’t enough to be said about Greece. I hope you had a good feel of what Greece is like and maybe consider visiting the islands there.




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