Back to School Makeup

Now that school is starting and students don’t have much time in the mornings to do any fancy makeup, I thought of two simple but cute looks that can be done in about 5-7 minutes. Maybe one day I will time myself and see how fast I can do it! The first look has a girly feel while the second one is actually my everyday makeup look, so it’s geared for monolids, and the second look will be in a a separate post to come soon. Enjoy~




First thing first, eyebrows! Now, I have sparse eyebrows so I fill them in, but if you have thick and luscious eyebrows, count your blessings~


Voila~ excuse me for my donkey-like smile. Now we can start on the eye makeup.

ColourPop – Deux (From Jenn ne sais Quad)

2016-08-17 02.26.12 1

2016-08-17 02.26.02 1

2016-08-17 02.26.14 1

First, I take my middle finger and apply a thin amount all over my lids to add depth to my eyes.

Etude House – RD303 [Look at My Eyes]

2016-08-17 02.26.09 1

2016-08-17 02.26.01 1

2016-08-17 02.26.08 1

Next, add a generous amount of the warm pink shadow mainly on the inner half of the lids.

Anastasia – Brow Powder Duo [Ebony]

2016-08-17 02.26.10 1


I used the lighter shade on the left

2016-08-17 02.26.00 1

2016-08-17 02.26.07 1

Apply the brown shade on the outer part of the lid and blend in softly toward the pink until you reach the middle of the eye lid.

Etude House – BR416 [Look at My Eyes]

2016-08-17 02.26.04 1

2016-08-17 02.26.24 1

2016-08-17 02.26.17 1

Lightly dab the gold shimmering eyeshadow on the middle of the eyelid where the brown and pink shades meet

The Face Shop – Water Proof Autoliner [brown]

2016-08-17 02.25.58 1

2016-08-17 02.26.23 1


Use a waterproof gel eyeliner to fill in you water line. It is hard at first, but once you get used to it, it can make a big difference in your appearance

Stila – Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

2016-08-17 02.25.57 1

2016-08-17 02.26.21 1

2016-08-17 02.26.20 1

Wing the tip upward slightly

Tarte – Lights, Camera, Splashes

2016-08-17 02.25.56 1

Choose any mascara and apply! I personally am in love with this Tarte mascara

The Face Shop – #03 Rose Garden [Kakao & Friends]

2016-08-17 02.25.54 1

2016-08-17 02.25.59 1

Instead of taking the time to line the lips and carefully apply lipstick, using tints are fast and easy to re-apply or take off. This shade is currently my favorite shade and I wear it 24/7~







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7 thoughts on “Back to School Makeup

  1. Aw love this! Super simple and subtle! Ive always liked the pink/red eyeshadow look and ive tried it for myself but im way too tan for it to look the way i want it to lol

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