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Bonjour everyone, Luen here~ I am a Korean-American who can’t stop dreaming and coming up with new ideas every minute. I am confident to say that I spend a majority of my time thinking of ridiculous social scenarios when I am talking to someone. Away from what goes on in my mind, photography is my unofficial hobby. I don’t own any high tech camera. All photos are taken with either my iphone 6 plus, Sony DSC-HX10V, and Gopro. Although I do love blogging, nothing is better than a chill plate of Tiramisu while drinking a black coffee and binging on TV shows.  However, despite my unorganized mind, I will try my best to organize my blog well. I hope that my posts now, and more to come, will inspire, inform, and touch my readers. Most of all, I hope that all of you find lots of pleasure going through various topics that are posted throughout the future. Frequent posts are guaranteed~ Thank you for stopping by and feel free to stalk around!



Other Social Media Activities/Contact Email

Email: luenarnx@gmail.com

Vsco: mihyunxx

We Heart It: Luenxx

Instagram: luen.xx




9 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. EEEEEYYYYY whats up i’m starting up my blog again! when you arrive home i’m gonna need some help with the little details


    i read you blog… and it’s really good…

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