Tousled Or Mermaid Curls, You Choose


If you have read my first blog post, The History Behind my Hair, you know that I have naturally curly hair. As a result, you might be wondering, “If you have curly hair, why do you want to re-curl them?” Truthfully, my hair is a war that I have been fighting against for my entire sprouting life. You could call it, my evil twin sister. Some days we get each other’s drift, and others… well… let’s just say I always lose and simply let her be herself. So, to help assure myself that my hair won’t be a disaster when I wake up, I do a few tricks. However, the downfall is that because I have curly hair, it holds the shape of the “tricks” done to it well, so the results will be different from a person who has straight hair.

I will show you two ways to twist your hair depending on what type of look you want to achieve. Some days I choose this one, and others that one, so you can try both out and see how the results are. It’s either casual tousled curls or mermaid curls.



These tousled curls give a comfy and casual look to your curls as they may look a bit aesthetically messy. I tend to do this look more than the other one, just because I love that natural messy look~





For both looks, you will want your hair to be damp to 80% dry. It’s important that your hair isn’t still wet when you wake up to take out your curls. If they are, your hair wont retain the curl shape well enough.

2016-06-16 09.45.30 1

Divide into two sections (same for the other look)

2016-06-16 09.45.31 1

Get all the knots out!

2016-06-16 09.45.26 1

Section of the top layer of you hair by the roots to start twisting first

2016-06-16 09.45.25 1

Brush your fingers so that they are evenly spaced among the sectioned off top layer of hair

2016-06-16 09.45.27 2

Turn outwardly and repeat twisting until you read the top of your ear

2016-06-16 09.45.28 1

Now, start twisting in the other section of hair the same way until you reach the bottom

2016-06-16 09.45.23 1

Make sure to twist it while pinching the hair in a flat manner

2016-06-16 09.45.27 1

Should look like this!

2016-06-16 09.45.24 1

2016-06-16 09.45.22 1

Fold in two and tie with a hair tie. Repeat to the other side


How they should look like when you take them out



These curls look more in uniform/sync than the tousled curls. The curls sway in the same direction and give a mono wavy look.




2016-06-16 09.45.26 1

Divide your hair in to two sections: top and bottom, evenly

2016-06-16 09.45.19 1

By pulling the top layer away from the face, start winding the around each other

2016-06-16 09.45.20 1

2016-06-16 09.45.21 1

Just keep twisting, just keep twisting, just keep twisting, twisting, twisting~ (Who is excited for the new movie, Finding Dori?)

2016-06-16 09.45.18 1

It should somewhat look like a rope when you reach the bottom

2016-06-16 09.45.24 1

2016-06-16 09.45.29 1

Fold in two, and tie it off with a hair tie


Hopefully you end up with wavy mermaid curls! This twisting method can be a bit tricky at times to make sure the twists are even on both sides.


Thank you for reading and I hope that these methods will work out well for you! Tell me how it goes if you try it or if you have any questions. Keep your hair healthy with these heatless curls and stay healthy and fit for the summer time! Happy summer everyone~



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5 thoughts on “Tousled Or Mermaid Curls, You Choose

  1. Thanks for this tutorial! It’s so simple compared to what I normally have to do with my hair. I use a flat iron to curl, and it normally takes a couple hours lol

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