Pink Fever


I never imagined that a time would come where I start to love the color pink, yet that time has fought its way into my life. I went to my closet to pick out an outift to wear for the day when I noticed that there was one color that peeked out to me from all areas of my closet: pink. So, to embrace my self-diagnosed fever, I present to you, my pink fever assembled outfits.


Miss Elegant In Floral




Warning: This is just the first look of many to come that incorporate a skirt. I have a love for skirts because of their comfort to move around freely and look a dash more formal. Although I love this outfit, I have to stow it away until Autumn and Winter because it is just too hot to be wearing a knitted sweater. The advantage of having a patterned skirt though is that I can adapt it to hotter seasons by simply wearing a plain white shirt/blouse on the top, as I did for my time in Disney.



Hoodie Jr.




Even when I sleep I prefer pink. To add to the sleepy vibe, I consider these cute graphics to be a good contributor. It’s almost as if the little lad is saying, “Have sweet dreams,” or “Good Morning, you can take on today!”



Don’t “Mesh” With Me





The oddest Achilles spot (weak spot) for me are clothes that have any factor of mesh material in them. I love clothes ranging from mesh sleeves to mesh stripes running down the sides of casual pants. Mesh adds a sense of spunk and carefree-ness that I love feeling when I wear such clothes.



Spring Tea Party





Okay, I lied a little. Chiffon is probably the biggest weak spot for me. Chiffon is a material that can turn a basic shirt into a formal and feminine article. It doesn’t wrinkle as easily and adds a clean and chic look to your outfit.



Take Me Out To The Ball Game





I love Korean fashion, and with that being said, it should be more obvious why I would love a pleaded skirt like this adorable pink one. It’s not every day you see someone walking around with a pink skirt. It’s a minor accent that will subconsciously catch someone’s attention here and there.



Two To One


2016-05-19 05.38.05 1



In order for the pink bomber to make its grand pop on the shoulders, it’s better to keep the underlying clothing either mono or color-wise neutral. Pink itself can be an obnoxious color sometimes, so it’s better to make it easier on the eyes by only having the pink stand out instead of several vibrant colors all popping out at once (unless you’re a fashion designer who can work it).



Thank you for reading~ you never know, I might be diagnosed with a new color obsession and do a fever outfit looks on that too. If any of you were wondering how I got so toasty and tan so fast, it’s because I was in Florida and was baking under the vicious sun for several hours without lathering on some sunscreen. So my goal is to find a natural remedy that helps brighten the skin so that I can retrieve my natural glow. What are your goals and plans for this summer?








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  1. you look amazing in these!! sadly as i’m sort of pale these colors don’t work on me 😉
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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