Sunshine Blogger Award


Just how sunshine gives brightness and joy to the earth, so can bloggers give joy and inspire readers who follow them. This award is for those who are inspiring and brighten their readers’ day through their blog.




Thank you Joyce for nominating me! Her blog can be viewed by clicking here. Every blog post I upload, I can always count on Joyce to give me a positive and confidence boosting comment. She has been a good friend since my first days as a lifestyle blogger.



Answering the five questions Joyce asked.

  • What is your favourite holiday or festival?


  • Why? (Q1)

I love the whole festivity and sentiment that come with Christmas.

  • What motivates you to continue writing?

When I see people give feedback and see all the views from different countries reading my blog, I am touched and am motivated to write more and better content.

  • What style of blog theme do you hate?

I tremendously care about filters and the quality of photos, so if a blog has photos that seem like they did not put much effort into, I am not interested.

  • If allows a new plug-in, what will you want it to be?

I wish that there was a plug-in that would allow me to have chatting sessions with my readers so that I could get to know them. Also, I love the websites WeHeartIt and Vsco, so I wish that they had links that led to those.



Barbara the Vegan Girl: A minimalist and vegan who is living life to the fullest. Most of all, she is one of my close friends and positively influences me.



Kaymichu: A chic and beauty/lifestyle blogger who posts clean edited photos and recently started her own blog.

Bambinotions: A cheerful Taiwanese blogger who posts material on makeup/skincare/hair. She constantly leaves kind feedback and will even carry out a conversation.

Stannul: A travel and lifestyle blogger who take good photos. Ever since her first post I loved her soft edited photos. She is trying to learn English, so she started a blog. I look forward to reading each of her posts.

Kristonian: A makeup/lifestyle/inspiring blogger who shares my interests for museums. She is sweet and is easy to have a conversation with.



1. Growing up, what was your dream occupation?

2. During your whole blogging experience, what is your favorite moment?

3. Savory foods or sweet desserts?

4. If you had to describe yourself as an animal, what would it be and why?

5. When you are stressed, what is your go-to stress reliever? 



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the questions they asked you
  3. Nominate other bloggers who portray this sunshine blogger award
  4. The amount of nominees nominated, choose that same amount of questions







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9 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Aw, Luen, you’re too sweet 😀 sister in blog 😉 Christmas is my favourite too!!!! Well, mainly for the guilt free food wahaha. You do have fab photos on your blog, don’t set your bar too high for other bloggers now 😛 I still haven’t figured out how to edit properly yet. wahahah

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just found out your blog! I love your posts so much! Keep on making good content! I’m in love with Korean cosmetics and skincare and I love that you do so many reviews! Also, your photos are so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

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