Outfit Diary [Korea]


Visiting Korea was the best fashionable experience I had as I walked up and down the roads filled with young citizens everywhere dressed on point. Observing the fashion trends in Korea compared to the style back in America, I was able to learn how to amp up my own closet and piece items together. Korean fashion trends are constantly changing and being modified that it’s hard to state exactly what the trends are now. In fact, the first day I arrived in Korea, a lady at the market could tell that I was from America just by the way I dressed. So, to blend in a bit more with the locals, I purchased a few Korean clothing pieces and did not have the same situation occur. One day I will do a fashion haul on all the clothes I got from Korea, but since I am in summer school currently, it will be a while.


Outfit #1





Outfit #2






Outfit #3



Don’t worry, I am wearing shorts underneath so that I don’t flash anyone.



Outfit #4




Outfit #5

I love the sleeves! Such a unique and girly pattern~


Outfit #6




Outfit #7




Outfit #8








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44 thoughts on “Outfit Diary [Korea]

  1. Cute!!
    Same with me when I’m in Taiwan lol. I normally just wear an over sized Tshirt and tie it up with volleyball shorts. Every year I tell myself I’m going to dress more Taiwanese-like, but it hasn’t happened yet lol. Can’t wait to see that haul!

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      1. Lol yeah im a pretty big kpop fan i got into around 2010 lol. Im not really one for dramas (i cant get through the cliche female leads and i find most of them very cringeworthy) but my favorite movie is The Man From Nowhere with wonbin! Have you seen it?

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Lolol i like every group the only ones i cant listen to are Red velvet, gfriend, and twice. Im just kind of getting sick of the cutesy concepts and lack of strong vocals. I really love mamamoo though as far as girl groups go. They have a really strong vocal section. And you should watch it! I know its online somewhere lol. And yeah i just cant do the cheesy cliche weak female leads anymore :/

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hhaha I understand you, it’s refreshing to see strong female roles! And I love mamamoo!! They are so talented and have the strongest vocals 😍 I’ll check out that drama later~

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