Fantasy/Fairy Filter [Current Obsession]



About two days ago, I found myself unexpectedly being drawn to photos that had a light, airy look to them. The colors green, pink, and blue being vividly visible is the main aspect I love about this dreamy filter. In fact, the emotions I feel by looking at this filter could almost be described as an “up in the clouds” kind of feeling. Although that could be taken in a variety of ways, I aim for the photos to appear in an almost hypnotizing way because it gives me a sense of calmness and languish feeling.

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This fantasy filter that I apply is found in most Asian cameras and editing apps. Asian camera apps contain a diverse selection of dreamy filters that bring out different shades for each one. As for me, I have been a true fan of Line Camera and use their editing tools.




The filter I use is called Fairy Tale, and it brings out the pink, green, and blue tones of the picture to create a vivid girly look to the photo. Once you tap the filter icon, adjustments for the intensity is available with a slide from side to side.


I’m not sure what next editing style I will soon be obsessed with, but for the time being, I am enjoying this dreamy feel in my feed~



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