Why You Should Be Sweating More


I was figuring out what post I should type up that would relate to our hot summer season presently. When thinking about the word summer, the word ‘sweat’ pops up simultaneously. For all those who are suffering with buckets of sweat during this season, or those who exercise diligently, I hope that by reading this post you will be proud for sweating and push your sweat glands to secrete more. When I did a session of hot yoga last week, I was inspired to take time to do intense workouts or simply stand outside and sweat a fountain because of all the benefits it has on our health. Here are some reasons why I recommend others to do the same (maybe not so much the standing outside idly).


Purge Your Pores From Impurities 

By sweating, the pores in your skin open up and are able to flush out all the toxins and plaque that build up within each pore. Those impurities are usually the causes for blemishes such as acne, blackheads, and pimples. In order to get to the point of effectively opening up the pores, you should be sweating on a level from moderate sweating to faucet-like sweat.


Save Money! Free Antibiotic Medication

What if I told you that you could also save money if you sweat more? It’s true! Instead of using medications, such as Neosporin, for wounds, scratches, and mosquito bites, just sweat! Your sweat glands secrete antibody agents that help to heal those minor injuries. A huge antibiotic that is secreted from the sweat glands is Dermcidin. Dermcidin is an antibody that effectively fights off germs and other dangerous invaders. Next time you get a cut or bite/sting, start sweating and save those $5 that you would have spent for an antibiotic medication. (Read more here )


Relax, Simply Sweat, No Exercising 

Who says you need to be exerting your body to its fullest to sweat? Although the benefits that come through exercising and sweating are like killing two birds with one stone, there is an alternative for those days you simply want to relax but not miss out on these natural benefits. Go to the sauna. Some doctors have recommended patients with high-blood pressure to sit in a sauna so that they can sweat to empty out sodium levels in their body.


Shred Those Calories 

According to ACE Fit Life, you could do the same workout in the cold and in the hot and have different caloric burn results. An axiomatic fact is that, compared to cold conditions, you sweat more abundantly in hotter conditions. By sweating more, your body uses more energy to pump blood to the skin to help cool off. With this mere difference, it can go a long way to help slim down your body.


Alleviate Harms of High-Blood Pressure and Kidney Stones

As I mentioned earlier, some doctors advise their patients to sweat so that they can lessen the amount of sodium in their body do help with high-blood pressure. Sweat has a mixture of sodium within, so it helps with chronic diseases that revolve around the sodium levels in your body. Another disease sweating helps with is kidney stones. When your intake of sodium is out of balance (sodium being in the majority) with the amount of water in the body, you encounter the wrath of kidney stones (it’s said to be excruciatingly more painful than giving birth). By sweating, you are able lower your sodium with every drop of sweat that falls from your body.



Thank you for reading through this minor research I did. I hope that this will motivate you to get active and start sweating up a river! Happy summer everyone~




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