Jenn Im x ColourPop Review


Finally, the week-long anticipated package arrived! The moment I discovered that Jenn Im had released some makeup products through ColourPop, I couldn’t resist and bought everything with my small debit card right on the spot. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to write up a review on her products~


2016-06-07 09.51.02 3.jpg

Her collection consists of four super shock eye shadows, one ultra satin lip, one lip liner, and one lip stick. The single packaged eye shadow is a free bonus that ColourPop generously offers.



Honestly, I am slightly proud of the name that Jenn decided to name her eye shadow, because it is in french! I took french class in high school so, as odd as it seems, I felt a subtle bond with her eye shadow name. However, it has been a while since then so I am a bit rusty and didn’t fully know what Je ne sais quoi meant, so… like any other person who is curious about a certain topic, I turned to my smartest friend, Google. Here is what I found~


The literal translation for Je ne sais quoi is I do not know what. That alone didn’t satisfy me so I did a bit more research and found out that it is an elusive or unknown quality that is charming. I don’t know the exact explanation for why Jenn chose this name, but from the information I have collected, I love the meaning! Especially for eye shadows, because eye shadows are basically what add variation and uniqueness to a makeup look.



2016-06-07 09.53.17 1
Price = $20.00

2016-06-07 02.06.55 1

2016-06-07 09.53.16 1

2016-06-07 02.06.56 1
Also sold in singles by their name. Price for single = $5.00

2016-06-07 02.06.57 2.jpg

    When I saw the eye shadow box, I was a bit surprised when I found how small it was. I imagined that it would be on a larger scale, but after seeing that the eye shadows were singles, it made sense. For the single eye shadow case, I love the simplicity and common clean look all of them have.



I have never felt such soft eye shadow in my whole life of being obsessed in the makeup world. I had to deliberately make myself stop rubbing my ring finger around in the eye shadow. I felt as if the eye shadow was almost melting into a a cloud-like substance. Not only are the eye shadows extremely smooth, but they are also rich in pigment. A little bit goes a long long way. The eye shadow’s appearance in its case shouldn’t trick you! To my surprise, I found the colors looking a lot more bright and vibrant when applied. I love how each eye shadow varies in shade and in consistency, such as matte, metallic, and satin. Lastly, I found it so cute how the shades were named after the french number system.



I assumed before that Jenn would be working diligently to release quality-filled products… and I was correct! The quad withstood the water and rubbing with a bold color still left to show off their beauty.



The fact that Jenn named her signature lip color after her Korean name was a brilliant idea that I particularly was fond of when I saw her makeup tutorial. Her Korean name is Im Dohee [임도희]. When I heard that she named it Dohee, the first though I had was, “way to embrace your nationality!” I guess I am also biased since I am Korean like her.


Ultra Satin Lip

2016-06-07 01.20.49 1
Price = $6.00

2016-06-07 01.24.03 2

Dohee is a delicate soft coral shade that is perfect for that fun-loving summer/spring shade to welcome the sunshine. The consistency of Dohee is a softer than matte yet has does not have a shiny gloss look like that of a regular lip gloss. The mix is blended perfectly to give a moist looking matte look that has the potential to shine if the light reflects it at that beauty spot. More than anything, I am thankful that it locks in moisture to the lips.


Lippie Pencil (Matte)

2016-06-07 01.24.02 1
Price = $5.00

2016-06-07 01.34.18 1

2016-06-07 01.34.19 1

The lip liner pencil is my first lip liner, so I am excited to start using that. But when it comes to this product, it definitely has a spot in my heart for the sleek white packaging.(Swatches of these two will be shown after the third lip product).




2016-06-07 01.55.27 1 (1)
Price = $5.00

2016-06-07 01.55.27 2 (1)

These days I have been falling in love with the shade coral. It is a bit striking how all Jenn’s new lip colors are within the coral department. Her Jenneration X is a deep electric coral that is significantly bolder than Dohee. This is for those days when you’re feeling a bit more fabulous and you want to bring some spa-zazz to your life.


2016-06-07 09.09.21 1
Dohee: skinny line = liippie pencil // thick line = ultra satin lip


Both have a creamy feel to it;  Jenneration X consists, just a tad more, of a glossy look compared to Dohee.



Similar to Jenn Ne Sais Quoi, the lip products persevered through pressured rubbing with running water. Now I am assured that my makeup will durable when the earth starts to cry rain drops on me.



As a gift, ColourPop also sent a single eye shadow called Birthday Boy. When I received it, it came with a note card saying that it is something about a 2nd birthday. Nevertheless, I was glad to receive it.


2016-06-07 09.19.32 2
Price = FREE

2016-06-07 09.19.33 2


Once I swatched Birthday Boy, I was baffled to see such a unique shade as I spread it across. By looking at the eye shadow in the container, I was imagining it to appear as a shimmery cappuccino brown. To my surprise and liking, the eye shadow has a purple under tone that makes up the uniqueness and beauty of Birthday Boy. In addition, It almost seemed to look as if the more layers you added up, the more variety of colors you would get. As I swatched, the order of shades I got went like this:

First swipe across my arm = gold

Second = light golden brown

Third = medium brown

Fourth = Purple



    Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and am even more happy since it is Jenn’s new collection. This was also my first time trying out ColorPop’s cosmetics and I am regretful on why I didn’t try their products earlier! Their products are extremely inexpensive (drugstore price status) and yet come in adorable clean packaging, along with rich quality products. And if you want to see an even better review on all these products, check out the producer’s own video on her awesome products by clicking here.









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  1. I’ve been searching for reviews on the Jenn Im collection and came across your post! I’ve never tried any shadows from Colourpop, but I think I might order Jenn Ne Sais Quad and Jenneration X after reading your review! Also, your photos are beautiful! ❤ xoxo-Mel

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