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Good day everyone, Luen here~ It’s been a weird interest of mine, but I am really interested on the topic of, “who are your favorite Youtubers.” It’s fun for me to see what my friends, or random people, enjoy spending time on watching. So, for the sake of give and take, I will give you a few of my favorite Youtubers presently. Please tell me who your favorite Youtubers are so that I can do some binge watching!

This month, I have found my self interested in videos that pertain to 16-06-04-15-32-17-344_deco

which means that the Youtubers I present to you fit into one or more of these categories. Enjoy going through and don’t hesitate to check them out if you’re interested!



Sunny’s Channel [써니채널]

Channel Link




She is a high school beauty guru who is extremely talented when it comes to makeup. She is full Korean, but lives in New York, so her English is perfect. What I like about her is that she can pull of the sexy American Makeup look, as well as the innocent and clean Korean makeup looks. In addition, her personality is hilarious; she does her own thang and isn’t afraid to show her spunky character in her videos and Instagram posts.


Kyung Sun [경선]

Channel Link




Kyung Sun is a Korean makeup artist who has English subtitles in some of her videos who want to watch her. The reason why I enjoy watching her is that she has BIG eyes. With her God-blessed big eyes, she is able to to stunning makeup looks. Plus, when she does her tutorials, every step she does to her eyes is evident. Plus, I think she is really pretty~



Channel Link




Despite her unique voice, her personality is super cute! She isn’t the most bubbliest person, but she has a subtle charm that makes you subconsciously say, “awhh~” I believe she is half Chinese… I don’t know the other half. Her name is Fei and she has BIG eyes. I guess I just have a thing for big eyes. Her makeup looks are extremely simple and cute. I like her because she usually does makeup looks on celebrities who come out with a new music video or movie.



Channel Link




Let’s take a break from makeup gurus… (for now). Byron Talbott is a guy who makes all his dishes from scratch. Although I yet have the mission to make one of his dishes, it brings me more joy to simply watch and eat it visually. He makes desserts, drinks, appetizers, main courses, and so much more. Every video I watch of his causes me to water in the mouth more and more every time I click the next video.


리수 Leesu Blooming

Channel Link




Back again with a Korean makeup guru~ She is a more reserved Youtuber who doesn’t do lots of personal videos, but she has a unique intense look that I like. Her hair is extremely long and healthy… She is my inspiration to not dye my hair anymore and let it grow out. I love how she edits her youtube videos. They are really simple and clean; they aren’t cluttered with unnecessary edits and add-ins.



Channel Link




A type of craft work that I have been into for the longest time now is felting. This lady shows how she needles her way to felting perfection while there is just music playing in the background. The way that felting works is that you have a fur ball of felt and a long needle. With the needle, you simply stab the felt repeatedly until you get the desired shape and denseness. Not only does she do felt creations, she also does a few clay projects.


Flying Mio

Channel Link




This account is another craft channel that has felted works. As you can tell from the list of videos, this channel branches a bit more yet still has adorable creations. I would like to give one of these a try some day, but for the time being, I’ll just watch~


Hanbyul 한별

Channel Link




Hanbyul is a Korean fashion youtuber who occasionally does makeup tutorials too. I like her for her unique taste in fashion and way of editing her videos in a cute manner. Her voice is quite soft yet carries a spunky personality. Moreover, I think I am drawn to her because of the amount of times she has dyed her hair different colors. I feel as if everytime I see her instagram posts and youtube videos that she changed her color!


우먼스톡 [Woman’s Talk]

Channel Link




This channel is actually ran by a group of makeup artists, not just a single one. Out of all the artists in this program, I like 기은세 (Ki Eun Sae) the best. I guess I may be a little more biased toward her because she resembles the Korean singer Bae Suzy. In fact, many call her Suzy’s doppelganger.


Honeykki 꿀키

Channel Link




This lady demonstrates how to cook up these delicious dished with no vocal sounds, but the sound of sheer sizzling and whirling that can only be produced from a kitchen. Since she is Korean, it is reasonable that she cooks Korean dishes mainly. Since Korean is my favorite ethnicity for food, I find her channel quite relative and inspiring.


Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!!

Channel Link




This Japanese Youtuber’s gender is still a mystery to me, but judging from the hands, I want to throw out my guess and say that he/she is a lady (or a man with pretty hands). Again, this is a silent baking channel that only provides the natural sounds you would here if you were baking. The main differentiating point about this channel is that this person does baking goods that are cute in appearance and unique to Japan.


Miniature Space

Channel Link




If you get bored of watching normal cooking shows, feel free to join me in watching miniature cooking videos. When I say miniature, I mean, actual miniature cooking tools and ingredients. This channel is about the cutest you can get when it comes to cooking. It amazes me how the person’s hand doesn’t shake when trying to do certain tasks that require the same dexterity skill as using tweezers.


님슈기 [Nim Shyoo Gi]

Channel Link




Now, if you get tired of cooking shows and even miniature cooking shows, you can watch people eat. This is probably not the smartest channel to be watching constantly when wanting to diet, but I do watch them anyway. It baffles me how this tiny girl eats so much yet gains no weight. She is Korean and has a bubbly personality with a bubble high-pitched voice too. It’s odd, but she inspires me to be more sociable and be good company when eating with others.





Channel Link




If you happened to ask any of my family or friends who my favorite Youtuber and role model is, you would for sure hear the name, Jen Im from Clothesencounters. I have been a fan of her for about 3 years now and I have to say that she is talented in so many different ways. Her way of editing her videos and vlogs are outstanding. She is also very responsive to her fans and never fails to update us on her life through her social media accounts. Her fashion taste can range from the most girly outfits to a chill, tomboy kind of look. Recently, she just launched a makeup collection in collaboration with Colour Pop. In fact, I ordered it and should be receiving it in about 3 days. As soon as I receive it, I will be doing a review on it, so stay tuned~



I hope you guys found something interesting or enjoyable out of any of these Youtubers that I listed. I would be more than happy if you told me your favorite Youtuber[s]. I’m always on the hunt to look for new Youtubers that I can enjoyably spend my time watching.




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