Fun Under The Sun [California]


I apologize ahead of time if these pictures are chronologically out of order, because I decided to layout this travel blog differently compared to my New York ones. This post will be on the places I went to, and later, I will post one on the foods that I ate.


As soon as we arrived in Los Angeles, you bet that the first place we hit was Korea Town! Korea town was a lot bigger than I had imagined. For a little while, I felt as if we were driving through the streets of Seoul. After we ate 순두부 at BCD Tofu House, we went to a complex where there was Shaved Ice (팥빙수), Face Shop, and many other Asian oriented stores.


2016-05-30 02.49.18 1

2016-05-30 02.49.18 2

2016-05-30 02.49.17 1

Of course I had to go to the makeup store The Face Shop. I can never get over how cute the packaging are for all the cosmetic items are. Out of all the lip, skin, and nail products, I simply bought a single eye shadow that you can see at the bottom of my post Sephora Haul


2016-05-30 02.49.07 1

2016-05-30 02.49.08 1

Just messin around at Hmart.



2016-05-31 09.00.47 1
Night view of the pool
2016-05-30 02.48.57 2
View from the hotel’s lobby out over the beach

I stayed at a hotel that over looked Santa Monica and all its customers playing ball or working out on the beach. The best aspect of this hotel was that it was decked out with windows on almost every wall. With the windows lining each wall, it invited warm beams of sunlight that illuminated the whole hotel, giving it was warm and cordial feel.


2016-05-30 02.49.06 1

The most intriguing element of the hotel wasn’t the windows, nor the long pool. No, it was the bathroom in our hotel room.



2016-05-30 02.49.04 1
Day mode
2016-05-30 02.49.02 1
Activating night mode
2016-05-30 02.49.01 1
Night mode

The mirror is touch screen! There are four modes which consist of day time, one dimmer, one more a little more dimmer, and a night time. I was amused for some time playing around with this mirror.


2016-05-30 02.48.57 1


2016-05-30 02.48.52 1

2016-05-30 02.48.50 1

Santa Monica was a worthwhile experience with all the vibrant youth filling up the sandy beaches and the cute attractions. Since Santa Monica is by the sea, the wind was evident as it blew my hair all over my face. The whole area smelled of sunscreen and saltwater as I walked up and down the harbor.


2016-05-30 02.48.49 1

2016-05-30 02.48.47 1

2016-05-30 02.48.46 1

It amazed me how the corner of a harbor could hold so many attractions in one area. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too crowded. It was just crowded enough to still have an enjoyable and smooth time. I wish I could have rode all the rides and play mini games in the side stores, but we didn’t have time. So, instead, we decided to ride the most romantic ride on that harbor… the Ferris Wheel~


2016-05-30 02.48.48 1

2016-05-30 02.48.44 1

2016-05-30 02.48.45 1

The breeze got stronger as we rose from the bottom to the top of the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel rotated at a rather faster velocity than I had imagined. When we reached the peak, it was beautiful as we looked over the entire harbor and beach.



For one morning, my sister took me to a 90 minute hot yoga class, and I have to say, if you haven’t tried it before, I HIGHLY recommend you to give it a try for your exercise. They say that depending on how hard you push yourself, you can burn around 500 calories! Not only are you burning fat in your legs, abdomen, and arms, you’re also getting rid of impurities in your skin with all the buckets of sweat that are pouring out of the pores. Even though it may seem obvious, the room was hot… very hot. it was a sweaty temperature of:


I admit, there were times that I started feeling a bit light headed. Going from the pose downward facing dog to warrior caused the blood in my head to rush back and forth which made me dizzy. Despite the dizziness, I felt graceful and peaceful throughout the whole session (not including the one time I lost balance and fell).

I will be posting a food blog about the foods I have tried during my time in California.



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