One Tip \\ No More Period Leaks In Bed [Life Hack]

Luen here~ sorry I haven’t been active these days. I am on vacation visiting some of my family members here and there so finding time to blog hasn’t been sufficiently given. However, my sister recently told me a golden tip to help get rid of leaking on your bed when sleeping. I know this is a bit of an odd topic to blog about bare with me. There is one word that describes this process:

Give yourself a wedgie

As weird as it sounds, it works like magic (yes, I use this method). I will now describe this method in detail…

*Might be descriptive, if you feel uncomfortable, please discontinue reading*


The reason why you leak when you sleep is because the blood travels the the canal of your butt cheeks and travels toward the posterior end of your bottom. Especially since you are horizontal and rolling around in bed, it makes the blood travel in between your butt cheeks all the more and leave an un-welcomed, reddish surprise on your bed sheets. To prevent this bloody surprise from appearing, give your self a wedgie with a ย night pad. Here is how you do it.

Night pad

Make sure to use a night pad that has wings and has a long posterior tail so that you can get more coverage for your bottom.


Place the pad how you normally would

I typically prefer placing it slightly shifted more toward the back of the pantie.


Again, give yourself a wedgie

Grip the back rim of your pantie and pull upward. Do it strong and confidently. Make sure that it is snuggled in between the butt cheeks enough where it isn’t loose but also not painfully cutting. HOWEVER, do not let the wedgie come in between where your female private areaย is, because the blood will simply spill over it. The whole purpose of this is to trap the blood from slipping through the butt cheeks and contain it in one spot. Usually though, by pulling upward from the back lining of the pantie one hard time is good enough and won’t carry through to the area where blood flows out.



I felt a bit awkward typing up this post, but, I decided that this was a tip that I didn’t want my fellow girlfriends to miss out on! I strongly suggest you to try it out next time it is that time of the month. Tell me how it goes and if you have any questions. Sorry if it got awkward reading through this; I just don’t know how else to describe this wedgie business without referring to certain body parts. I hope this was a beneficial period hack for everyone!



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12 thoughts on “One Tip \\ No More Period Leaks In Bed [Life Hack]

  1. Omg I’m actually going to try these,especially the first one,anf I definitely need to buy some night pads thankyou,can you check out my new blog post please I’m back blogging

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  2. Additional tip: If you cant make a wedgie because of the pad’s thickness, take a tissue, fold it into a rectangle and insert it between your buttcheeks. It would catch the blood before it even goes to your underwear ;D

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