Life Update [05232016]


Luen here~ May has been a crazy month for me, because this is the month that I graduated! In fact, I graduated yesterday and now I am out of school and ready to enjoy the summer time fully with no stresses or deadlines to procrastinate for. Although I am happy to be getting my insignificant self out of of school, I am also quite sad to be separated from my classmates. But in reality, I am stoked for the time when each of us pursue our aspirations and reunite at our 10 year reunion to reminisce and get updated with the new on-goings and accomplishments each one has acquired.



Since today is my first official day of summer, I decided to celebrate by treating myself out to a manicure, which I got an acrylic gelΒ one (fake nails). To those who have naturally rounded and long nails, utilize them to their full potential! I wasn’t blessed in that department so I have to slab on the fake nails to elongate my nails. Nevertheless, since I am heading out to California soon, I decided to get a more modern nude color with a pop of a mermaid looking shade to add some character to my nude nails.


For the shape, I prefer the almond shape (rounded tips) because it helps give the illusion of my finger appearing slimmer. The tips of my finger are rather wide, so the rounded tips help to compensate.

Panera’s new Blueberry Peach Smoothie matched the shade of my nails eerily similarly, I thought it was quite neat

Enjoy this summer everyone~ And I encourage all of you do get at least one change, whether it be a new hair cut, color, or even getting your nails done. Not only is it fun, but it helps give you a new sense of character and attitude for the season or time being. Happy summer readers~





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