Get/Strengthen Double Eyelids Easily and Cheap


After struggling for countless of times attempting double eyelid stickers and glues that are made to make a crease in the eyelid, I have not been successful. In addition, stickers and special glues meant for eyelids are not easily accessible. In order to obtain some, I have to order online and wait for a few weeks since a majority of the products are manufactured in Asia. However, after some research of some sort, I have come to a delightful discovery of another alternative! I present to you, Kiss’ eyelash glue!



Items Needed:

Eyelash glue

A fairly long pointed tip


With aloe! Now that’s a bonus!
When purchasing one, it is preferably better to get one with a  brush tip so that application can be easier
I had a short nationality pride moment when I saw that this was made in Korea



The glue dries clear

For my pointed edge, I use the metal tip of one of my mechanical Korean pencils, but I am sure that even a toothpick could work well too

I don’t have any preference or experience when it comes to purchasing various brands of eyelash glue. However, I am satisfied with the way the Kiss eyelash glue has been holding together. The eyelash glue costed $2.17. Not only is eyelash glue more accessible, you can kill two birds with one stone as you use it to apply falsies (fake eyelashes) and create a double eyelid!



Here is the rough estimation of the template that I use when finding my crease. I make it thicker and heavier in the center and slowly wing it downward to follow the natural shape of my eye.


Start off at the inner corner of the eye
Gently drag the point along the top of your eyeball shape


To be prepared and get a good sense of where to apply the glue, take you pointed tip and create a crease to your ideal liking. Once you have a good feel about where to create the crease, you’re ready to whip out that eyelash glue and get make a double eyelid for yourself!



Dot in a line on the crease that you practiced during the prep time

It is easier to control the amount of glue you put on your eye if you use a brush applicator, so keep that in mind when purchasing a glue. Also, I used to draw a line on the area I wanted to crease, but I always ended up putting on more than I needed. Sometimes, the brush would leave to thick of a stroke behind, resulting in my eyelashes sticking onto my eyelid. However, after dotting, I found it to be less cumbersome. The mess was limited and quantity more suitable.


Similar to the same motion earlier, repeat. Except this time, hold in place until dried

After you dot the crease, come in with the pointed tip and repeat the same procedure you did when you were finding your crease. Except this time, it will differ since the glue is now in act. As soon as you put the glue on, drag the tip from the inner corner into the outer part. In the beginning it will be easy to drag the point across the eyelid, because the glue is still wet. Once the glue starts to dry up and get sticky (the glue dries in about 7 seconds), don’t drag the point across anymore because you will just be pulling at your eyelid skin since it is super sticky.

Push upward to let the eyelid get a better grip

Once the glue is sticky, the tricky part comes. I advise you to do this when there aren’t subjects around that can bump you because this is dangerous if you poke your eye. Take you pointed tip and gently push upward on the area above your eyelash line so let your eyelid skin get a better grip on each other.


Once the glue has dried and your eyelids have stuck to each other pretty well, you’re done! I admit that the glue will not fully dry to where there is no trace of stickiness anymore. However, the stickiness isn’t awful. It is doable and mainly dried pretty well. The level of stickiness comes down to how much glue you applied and how much was not used (meaning that you went over the crease).




You can use any makeup remover that is available to you. I use Neutrogena’s oil-free makeup removing solution.


Hold pad on the eye for 10 seconds
Rub toward the outside slowly and strongly

When removing the glue, drench the pad in makeup remover solution and hold the pad over your eye for a good 10 seconds to give enough time for the solution to work its way through the glue. Once 10 seconds are over, rub a it more strong to get rid of the excess glue on the crease.

Wrap the pad around your index finger
Rub the upper and lower lash line

If you’re wearing eyeliner too, a method I use to make sure all makeup is gone from my eye, I wrap a soaked pad around my finger and softly rub the upper and bottom lash line.Also, this can also be used to pin point cleaning on an area of the eyelid where the glue may still be prominent.

All clean!




Tight-line your waterline before you put the glue on, because it can be hard to line it when the glue is already on your eyelid.


Likewise with the eyeliner, if you want to wear eyeshadow, apply it before the glue. If you try to do it later, the eyeshadow will stick to the glue in a weird fashion and can be a liability to your desired look.

Wait 3 seconds:

Before you drag the pointed tip along your crease WITH the glue already on, wait around 3 seconds so that the glue isn’t so wet when you do it. If it is too wet, it won’t stick at first, which results in repetition of that same dragging process.


With all the rubbing when you’re trying to obliterate any signs of stick, your eyelids can be a bit dry, or even irritated. Although mind don’t, as a precaution, I make sure to apply eye cream on them before I sleep. 16-05-21-10-34-25-221_deco

Practice, practice, practice:

After a while, this process will become easier and more natural. The beginning was difficult as I was trying to find the most efficient ways of applying the glue. In addition, it will feel strange to those who are trying this style for the first time. Once you get the hang of it and do this numerous of times, it will become like second-hand nature to you and you will not even notice the glue is there after a while.



For those who are looking for a cheap and easy alternative from tapes and special glue, I hope that this post helped you guys! I have been doing this for some time now, so I am confident to say that this is safe (except for the probability of the sharp point poking your eyeball). If any of you try it or have any questions, feel free to ask/inform me in the comments below. Thank you for reading~





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