Cat & Fish Kissing


Hello everyone, Luen here~ My phone case finally arrived today! It has been sometime since I have wanted this case and I finally got the money to purchase it from Amazon. It costed me $11.00 and came with three items: Case, Pen/Stylus, and a Earphone Charm.





{ Item #1 – Pen/Stylus }





The pen is just your standard pen, nothing fancy and nothing cheap. It will be convenient when I am working with my ipad and writing notes down simultaneously.



{ Item #2 – Phone Charm }




I like how there is a clip right before the fishy charm, because I am able to attach different charms whenever and wherever I want.



{ Item #3 – Phone Case }



The best quality of this phone case is that it is EXTREMELY slick. I love thin cases that emphasize the thinness of my phone. The design on the back is not the type to rub away until a very long time, because I had this case in the past when I was using my Samsung Galaxy s3. The picture is just too cute I had to get myself one again! My sister claims that it is a forbidden relationship  (>__<)




Thank you for reading a simple post about my new phone case! More than showing of the cuteness of it, I hope that this will inspire or remind you to look for that special phone case that you simply adore so that every time you use your phone, you feel fabulous~






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