British Inspired Outfit


Hey guys, Luen here~! I am sorry for my inconsistent posts, but I promise that after May 22, I will be updating very frequently. May 22 is the day that I graduate, so before then, I am going to be studying my brains out for finals this coming week. Nevertheless, I was itching to write a post, so I decided to do one on fashion. As you know, I love thrift shopping, and basically my entire outfit was purchased from Goodwill.



Although I don’t know a whole lot about British fashion, I do know two things:

  1. They are known for trench coats
  2. Class/preppy

When I went to goodwill, I happen to find a skirt that reminded me of England and its classy clothing style. I decided that with the basis of my British-looking skirt, that I would put together a British inspired outfit!


Pattern of the skirt

The overall shade of the skirt is a coffee brown shade that gives me the fancy urge of wanting to chill at a cafe and read a book or some magazine I happen to lay my eyes on.


Left: Under the sun or yellow lighting // Right: Under white lights or even at night

An odd thing about this skirt is that since it’s a faded brown shade, sometimes it appears a bit grayish under certain lighting. Because of this shade-shifting skirt, I decided to pair it up with a cream-ish/white sleeveless turtle neck top to accommodate the two different shades. Please excuse the safety pin on the skirt, the waist of the skirt is a bit large for me (>__< ) ;


Half turtle neck


2016-05-13 01.01.29 1



For that special British touch, I threw on a trench coat that I actually bought from Korea. If you don’t already own a trench coat, I highly suggest you purchasing one. You could simply wear a trench coat with some skinny jeans and you’ll be looking like a classy gal~



Shoes, from New York Saks 5th (ankle high, heel boots).



Thank you for perusing through~ Do you have any trench coats? A type of style that I wanna try wearing are the trench coats that have a bit of a frill that line them. How do you guys that think that would look? Anyway, hope you enjoyed and I hope to post more as soon as my finals are over. Also, for my readers who have finals and are stressed out, good luck~ you’re almost done.



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