How I Edit Photos

Hey guys, Luen here. Sorry that I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. I have finals coming up so I have been cracking down on my studies (mainly because I procrastinate so much). I enjoy observing how other people edit their photos to their own likings and styles. As a result, I decided to do explain how I edit my photos too. If you don’t notice a common theme that ties through all my photos, it’s that I love bright and white photos. I don’t find pigments of yellow in photos that attractive, so if it comes to choosing which side to lean more on when it come to the color wheel, I prefer my cool tones. Without further ado, here we go~



The two MAIN apps that I use when editing my photos are:


For an example of how I edit, I will be using the following picture as my demo. The way my photos are edited are in a two process. First I enhance the quality of the photo through vsco, then clarify or add cute stickers through line camera.

Samsung s6 camera, no filter






To upload photos into your Vsco to edit, go to library and add photos from your gallery.



The two filters that I use about 90% of the time are HB1 and HB2. HB1 is a filter that effects pictures to appear bright/white and have an undertone on blue, so it’s basically the perfect filter for my taste! I tend to use HB1 more; however, if I want the color of my photo to pop more, I got with my alternative, HB2, which gives a darker contrast to the picture (but still retains that blue tone).




After I pick the filter, I go to the fine tools section where there are a variety of enhancements such as brightness, shadow, highlight, temperature, tint, contrast, vignette, sharpness, etc.




Exposure is equivalent to the brightness of the photo. Usually, I crank that baby up pretty high to around 3 dots over to the right (Left = dark, right = light). However, since this picture has a natural bright appearance, I didn’t toggle around with it. Because, when you use contrast, it will cause the picture to become brighter anyway.




To counter any yellowness, I counteract the yellow tints with the tool, temperature (left = blue, right = yellow). By the blue over shading the yellowness, it results in producing white. This is honestly my favorite editing tool because of its ability to transform a photo to be completely white.




An extra way to brighten up the picture is by getting rid of the shadows in the picture. The cursor is originally set to the very left, which is 0. I normally move it over 3-5 dots over to the right depending on how dark the quality of the photo is. But beware, because by getting rid of the shadow, it can cause the photo to have a washed out look. In that case, I simply boost up the contrast to even it out.




Contrast comes in 2nd place for my favorite tool when editing. It enhances colors and also gives that eumph! in the photo’s contrast between light and darkness.




Once I get the photo to my ideal liking, I save it to my gallery so that I can transfer it over to Line Camera for the second round of editing. Editing photos can be a bit overwhelming when dealing with 10’s of photos… but, I have to admit, it is very fun!



Line Camera




Once you click the app, this is the home screen that will appear. Since I use Vsco first, I skip the camera icon and click the gallery icon so that I can transfer my Vsco-fied pictures to edit some more more more~




Unless I am trying to go for a more whimsical feel, I just apply the filter Clear, and it enhances the quality, coloration, and sharpness of the photo drastically. This is seriously the BEST filter to apply over a pre-filtered photo. Also, you aren’t limited to one degree of clearness. You can slide the cursor to the left and right to your liking. I go from around halfway to the very right of the bar.




If I am in a cute mood or wanting to point out something, I use stamps to add all different types of adorable stamps! Here are some collections that I have purchased (The stamps are available in packs for around $0.99 – $1.99).




Using stamps is a bitter sweet feeling for me. It is so tiring trying to decide which stamp to use since the options are endless. Yet, it is so fun trying to picture different designs that I could make with the stamps.

Tip: I like to have one main sticker and then place a complementary stamp that is significantly smaller right next to it toward the top or bottom corners.




Here is the final product! I admit that I kind of went overboard with the whiteness, but I hope you are able to grasp the style of how I like to edit my photos.




To be succinct, the style of my photos can be described in two words: white and blue. I am always interested in seeing all the different ways other people edit their photos. Tell me what style you guys like or what apps you use for editing, I love discovering new apps. Thank you everyone for spending your time to read through. I promise that after finals is over, I will posting more frequently.






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