To Cool For School Review [투쿨포스쿨]

Hola everyone, Luen here~ before I resume, I just want to inform you that this is not sponsored and I bought these products with my own budget and interest. I have been so excited lately because Korean cosmetics have been appearing in more and more American beauty stores, such as Ulta and Sephora. In fact, a Korean cosmetic brand that I have been wanting to get my hands on is the brand Too Cool for School. And with that being said, Sephora has been displaying Too Cool for School’s products recently. So, to ease my burning desire to get my hands on some products, I finally went yesterday and obtained a few products!


Smart Blotting Paper

Price = $8.00



  • Cute and simple design on the cover
  • durable plastic case (able to refill)
  • clip on case to prevent unwanted slipping of sheets
  • compact, perfect for traveling

I overall am loving the compactness and cuteness of the case. I am not a huge fan of dinosaurs, but I have to admit, the dinosaurs depicted throughout Too Cool for School‘s products are adorable! But, if you think the outside case is cute, just wait till you see the interior facet.



I was blown away when I saw that this blotting pack comes with a cushion and mirror. I almost  thought that I had accidentally bought a foundation cushion. Despite the limited 50 sheets of blotting papers, I love this whole utility of it. Besides, when you run out of blotting sheets, you can simply refill the case with some blotting sheets from Wal-mart or the nearest drug store.




The cushion has a white platform that is JUST sticky enough to stick on to a single blotting sheet. The sanitation is genius because when I use blotting sheets, the oil from my fingers grabbing the sheet usually takes up space that could be reserved for my face. But with this cushion, it made dabbing my face a more comfortable process with the airy cushion, and a cleaner feel with no oil from my fingers on the sheet.




A blotting sheet is a blotting sheet, so there wasn’t any significant quality that stood out with these sheets. Nevertheless, it still accomplished the job of removing oil from my face.


For sure, I would have to say that I would recommend this product, not for the sheet’s quality, but for the packaging! Because…

  • The packaging is adorably designed
  • refillable
  • Quality for a pretty cheap price of $8.00
  • Durable



Lip Bomb Balm [#02 Beet Jam]

Price = $15.00




  • Aesthetic handwriting design on case
  • Tin case
  • Ridges encompassing the bottom for a better grip
  • Twist off and on cap




The lip balm has a jelly like consistency and can almost feel like jello at times when you rub some of the balm on your finger. The jelly like substance is highly moisturizing to the lips and also adds a beautiful faint shade of red to add life to the lips.




The only downfall is that this lip balm can be a bit sticky at times, so you have to be a bit more cautious when applying so that you don’t spread it around your mouth. With this lip balm, you don’t need to apply it liberally to get that moist feeling. Simply one generous swipe will do the job.



Egg Mousse Pack [Face Mask]

Price = $20.00








  • Cute concept for the name and for the base ingredient of the mousse
  • Simple design
  • Easy to keep bottle clean
  • Push-for-mousse applicator





Don’t let the word ‘egg’ cause you to be a bit dubious, because the scent of this mousse is a very pleasant smell: frosted vanilla. The mousse is incredibly fluffy and thick enough to make lathering it on the face easier. When applying, rub about 3/4 of a golf ball size in the hands to acquire a more frothy texture. After have full coverage on your face with this egg mousse, if you wait around 5-8 minutes, it should become translucent and quite sticky. This formula did a superb job in tightening my skin and adding some softness back into my rough, sun-beaten skin. Also, after you rub the mousse on your face, you’ll start to feel tiny bubbles (moving/popping?) all over your face. It tickled more than feeling refreshed.




Although this face mask does tighten up the skin noticeably, I don’t see any significant change in my complexion or with my acne. This face mask has done its job tightening my skin, but when it comes to wanting to clear up your acne or work your way to achieve a better complexion, this product may not be your number one choice.



Thank you for reading through my review! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I hope this helped any of you who are eyeing Too Cool for School‘s products. Keep in mind that depending on where you live, your Sephora store may have fewer or more products from Too Cool for School.



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  1. Too Cool For School’s been getting a lot of attention lately and it’s understandable cause of how cute and innovative their products are haha 휴 ㅂ 휴 ❤ Definitely love their art class countour pact! Their twisty tail mascara is pretty nice too~

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