Back to Black

Good morning everyone, Luen here~ For those who read my first post on my blog, “The History of My Hair,” you know the damage and crazy adventure my hair has gone through. Well, after ALL the bleaching and brittle moments of my hair, I dyed it… again. Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially gone back to black!


Several people have told me that I should dye my hair back to a darker shade because it looked better with my skin, so I did. And I am relieved that my skin looks more fair now that my hair is significantly darker.

This post isn’t sponsored whatsoever. There just happen to be the products that I bought cause I wanted to test them out.


Ion Color Brilliance Brilliant 12 Ultra Gloss

Store Bought from: Sally Beauty
Color: 3N dark brown
Size: 2.05 oz
Ratio for Developer: 1:1
Power of Developer I Used: 4 oz of 20 power developer
Item Number: SBS-405355

I advise that whenever you self dye your hair, try to dye it with in a hair gloss formula. Hair gloss sets the color in but also coats each strand of hair to make it appear silky and also adds some shine. Considering that my hair looked like this



it was pretty damaged and coarse. I often used the analogy to people that it felt like a horse’s tail. So I am currently very satisfied with the way it has caused my hair to look and feel smoother than before.



If you guys have any questions pertaining to hair dying, feel free to ask~




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