Face Shop Lip Tint [더페이스 샵의 립틴트]

Hello everyone, Luen here~ Before I get into the review, I would like to thank everyone who has been keeping up with my posts and who have been leaving such positive comments! I feel motivated to make better and better blogs every time someone comments or likes. Thank you and I will work harder to make better posts~ ^^


Not to long ago I was able to go to the Korean cosmetic store, the Face Shop. Upon my arrival there, I bought two different types of lip tints. So without further ado, here we go~

Secret [몰래 틴트]

Price = $7.00



Left to Right:

05 Plum (05 플럼), 03 Pink (03 핑크), 01 Red (01 레드)


The applicator reminds me of a caterpillar because of the length and furry material it is made out of. The color flows out beautifully with just one stroke. The good thing about this lip tint is that it is easy to hold since it is the same structure of a pencil. Plus, the applicator part can either be used sideways to get a thick coverage, or, you can use the tip of it to get a defined gradient look.



– VERY pigmented

– Easy to apply

– Soft look

– Versatility of making a thick or thin streak

I personally really like these lip tints because of the slick packaging. I can fit there into my pencil case and it will blend in with all my other writing utensils. I’m just afraid of the day when someone accidentally mistakes my tints for a marker and use it to write!

How much is still shown after one wipe of makeup remover

A pro and con about this product is that it lasts extremely long. It’s good in that it’s basically kiss and eating proof. The color is not easy to budge. However, the downfall of this strong holding pigment is that you need to make sure to apply it correctly the first time, because once I made a mistake and tried to rub it off but it had already tinted my lip and it was difficult to take off. Despite that one con, I recommend this lip tint for those who want a comfortable application and long lasting tint. My personal favorite of these is 03 Pink.

Lovely Mix Aqua Tint [러블리믹스 아쿠아틴트]

Price = $4.50

16-04-26-14-27-31-935_deco01 Juicy Cherry [01 쥬이시 체리]




– Natural look

– Easy to spread around since it liquid

–  Stays for a long time

– Inexpensive

– A little goes a long ways

I have wanted this tint for a long time ever since I tried out my sister’s. I love the tint and the way the aqua liquid looks on the lips. It gives a moist look while still adding a good amount of shade. This product is actually a lot of people’s favorites for inexpensive lip tints.



The applicator part is like any other tint bottle but I do like how it is slightly slanted to match the angle of the lips when applying.


Instead of doing a streak, I decide to swatch it in a heart shape ❤.  The tint gives a moist look wherever you apply it. I find that the color is a beautiful mix between orange and red. It’s a good color when you are going for a more casual look or want to add some life to your lips.


Thank you for reading! Overall, if I had to choose between these two lip tints, I would choose the second one (lovely mix aqua tint). If you don’t already own some lip tints, I highly recommend you buying yourself some! It can be a breather away from lipsticks and mattes that are heavy on the lips. Don’t forget to leave comments, and tell me what what lip tints are your favorite!



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