47 Shades of My Eyes

The best part of makeup to me are all the eyeshadows. I love eyeshadows and am constantly desiring for different palettes and colors that I see here and there. To share my love for eyeshadows, I decided to do a review and rank my whole eyeshadow collection. I will start off with number 10 (which is my least favorite) to number 1 (which is my favorite palette). Feel free to leave any comments or questions. Oh! Also make sure to let me know what your favorite palettes/brands are for eyeshadows. Enjoy reading~


10. Shiseido




Pros: Since it is a cream, it is smooth and glides on the eyelid comfortably and softly. It’s not hard to get the color to show so with one stroke you can get the color desired.

Cons: I don’t know if it’s just because these are pretty old (I found them in my sister’s bathroom about 3 years ago), but the color seems to slide off my eyelids. I naturally have oily eyelids so cream doesn’t seem to suit me. For the time being, I’ll just stay away from cream eyeshadows for now.

Price: $25.00



9. Sephora




Pros: The packaging is sleek and very compact. It’s easy to pack and stuff in a small purse. Plus, I find the Sephora logo in the center quite attractive.

Cons: The color seems to fade away as the day passes. The consistency is a bit crumbly and can even make a mess when you apply it to the eyelids. I don’t have the same problem with the shade “Love Song,” but the shade “Indian Summer” isn’t strongly pigmented, so it takes more effort to make the color pop. Even when the color does pop, the bright tones can make the eyeshadow appear tacky or cheap.

Price: $10.00



8. Urban Decay – Naked Palette Collection




Pros: The diversity of colors in this one palette are a jackpot for some because it has almost all the colors that you need or would like to experience with in one product. It saved me expense wise from buying more eyeshadow colors when I first started getting into eye makeup.

Cons: I can handle flaky pastries, but I cannot handle flaky eyelids! I know that there are a lot of Naked Palette fans out there. I’m not saying that this palette is a no-buyer, but it does make my eyelids cakey making my eyelids seem dry and irritated.

Price: $54.00



7. Urban Decay




Pros: Pigmented, very pigmented. Not only are they pigmented, but the colors are soft and not obnoxious. Actually, the blue COULD be obnoxious, it just depends how tastefully you apply it on. The Freelove shade is like a coral shade and happens to be one of my favorite colors to wear. I love how both shades don’t have large sparkles; instead, a delicate shimmer dances over the color.

Cons: The packaging is a bit bulky and can be difficult to pack in a limited bag space. Like Sephora’s eyeshadows, at the end of the day, the color seems to fade away. Plus, trying to blend the color outward or into another color can be a bit of a challenge. Just make sure to have a semi-stiff brush when trying to blend this eyeshadow. Using brushes to apply this eyeshadow can appear dull on the eyes, so I use my fingers to apply it and I have found that to be more effective.

Price: $19.00



6. Aritaum (아리다움) – Mono Eyes Collection (모노아이즈)




Pros: I may be slightly biased since it is a Korean Cosmetic – what can I say… I just love Asian makeup products! More than is being a Korean makeup product, I love how the silver sparkles are so easily visible and distinct. Underneath the prominent sparkles, a soft black fills in the empty space creating the picture of a starry night sky. The soft black base with the distinctive sparkles is a beautiful combo.

Cons: As much as I love this shade, I can’t get over the fact that it is a struggle to apply. I am usually circling the pad of my index finger around-and-around about five times to get a good amount on my fingers to achieve the desired shade.

Price: $5.24



5. Cover Girl




Pros: When it comes to eyeshadows, I usually like to stay with more name brand eyeshadows; however, Cover Girl’s “Golden Sunrise” has won a spot in my heart. This was an item that I bought on a whim since I was in need for a gold eyeshadow when I first started to wear makeup. Nostalgia may be the main word that describes why I like this eyeshadow. nevertheless, I do like the orange/gold shimmer it gives. When I am feeling lazy and want a simply but stylish single shade, I usually turn to this buddy. The shade reminds me of the chiffon material. It is almost like a sheer eyeshadow that gives the eyelids a light colored shimmer.

Cons: As you can tell, the case has cracked and is broken at the hinges. The case and applicator that comes with the kit isn’t durable. In fact, the blue foam applicator is a new one I bought since the original one’s body had ripped through the foam applicator part. I must have a pet peeve for difficult applicators because the downfall about this eyeshadow is that is is difficult to apply. Although the sheerness is primarily the reason why I turn to this for my lazy looks, on the days that I do want to go bold and extravagant, this eyeshadow doesn’t quite make the cut. It takes me several strokes and rubbings to get the color to stay on my lid.

Price: $3.24



4. Bare Minerals – Eye Club




Pros: Every color has an extremely soft texture and look when applied. Application is easy and fun observing the soft powder delicately paint over your lids. The shimmery shadows make the perfect base since the sparkles are extremely fine. I always use either the shade “White Gold” or “Trophy Wife” as my  base when doing different makeup looks.

Cons: I have had to run to the bathroom and grab some toilet paper to wipe up the mess that the loose powder can create. Sometimes, when I am out of it, I unconsciously blow at my brush to get rid of the excess powder. HOWEVER, do not blow when the container is on a parallel level to your mouth, because when you blow, you will blow some money you spent on the eyeshadow out of its container. With the eyeshadow being powder, it can be tricky on how much to dab on the brush to get just the right amount.

Price: $29.99



3. Two Faced – Natural Eyes Collection





Pros: All the shades match my skin very well since I am a warm toned person. Being a warm toned person, I love how all the colors have a faint AND strong tint of brown pulling through each shade. Even the brown shadows ” Chocolate Martini” and “Erotica” have gold sparkles in them instead of silver sparkles like most other eyeshadows. Although the picture doesn’t do much justice in displaying the beauty of the gold sparkles, it adds glamour and spa-zazz into any eye look that you use it in.

Cons: I love experimenting and wearing different colors everyday, so sticking with all brown-ish shades can become dull for me. In addition, since majority are brown shades, similar shades from Two Faced’s palette can be found in other palettes that have more variety of colors in them.

Price: $36.00



2. L’oreal – 24 Hour




Pros: Sparkles make everything… more majestic. Although many say that sparkles are childish, I believe that if applied in moderate amounts, it can enhance your look beautifully. Sparkles… that is precisely the reason why I love these eyeshadows. They are strongly pigmented color and sparkle wise. The application is easy and the color is constant throughout the day  without fading. I find all the shades of the L’oreal’s 24 Hour collection beautiful.

Cons: If too much is applied, then yes, it looks childish. Weirdly, the sparkles seem like they are trying to run away from my eyelids because by the time I am finished doing my makeup, I find glitter hugging on to my cheeks. Unless you want a sparkly face, it is burdensome to cautiously wipe away each sparkle without wiping away your foundation.

Price: $7.95



1. Lorac – Unzipped




Pros: If you happened to ask any of my family members or friends about which eyeshadow company is my favorite, no doubt would you hear Lorac as the answer. I love how pigmented and easy the application is for all the shades. As I mentioned earlier about me being a warm toned person, this palette has warm tones in each shade. Even the lightest shade “Undercover” has a very faint light brown shade to it. More than all browns and neutral colors, this palette also has different colors like the burgundy shade “Unbridled.” The color holds out strong 24 hours. Trivial enough, I am fond of the organization of all the names starting with the prefix “un-“.

Cons: I wish that the palette had a more durable case. The seal that keeps the palette in check is a dime-sized magnet. At least a hard shell or closing clip would’ve been useful. Putting the palette in a bag has caused the palette to open up and spill some of its shadow all over the case and in my bag (which explains why this palette is more dirty around the edges than the others).

Price: $42.00



Thank you for taking the time to read! I hope that it was interesting and informative for any future purchases~ I should’ve been studying today, but instead, I felt like uploading this post~



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