New York – Day 4 [042216]

Before I continue with my final travel blog for New York, I apologize for posting this late. Last night, my phone died and there was no way I could upload my photos to the computer and edit. Despite the delay, here is how my last day in New York went about.



First stop was the American Museum of Natural History. Out of all the attractions that I went to during my time in New York, this was probably my favorite. This museum encompassed about every topic there is that is related to the history of this world.


This is the side view of the museum where it shows the space section.

Because we entered through the back entrance, we were able to go straight to the astronomy area where they focused on the history and life of our galaxy.


Out of the all the objects in the museum, this is the oldest object you can touch. This huge rock-like boulder is a meteorite.

As I have mentioned in one of my older blog posts, “Two Enchanting Worlds,” the ocean and its creatures fascinate me. The ocean life section was my favorite section out of the whole museum. I learned some interesting facts, such as, fish need oxygen to live just like humans need oxygen. However, fish filter out the oxygen from the water molecules through their gills. I’m sure that many know that fact, yet, it was new to me. In addition, the ambiance of the ocean room was dark, chilly, and soporific.


Hall of Human Origins

Evolution of Animals/Mammals


After soaking up knowledge for two hours, I decided that it was time to do a little shopping in their gift shop. I liked how the gift shop was divided into sections for each topic. There were sections for topics such as astronomy, dinosaurs, history, and the ocean.



As I walked to Central Park from the museum, I was famished. Back at the museum, I had bought a space ice cream sandwich. I haven’t tried it but have always been curious as to see how it tastes. This space ice cream sandwich is identical to the way astronauts would eat in space. Besides the fact that it was a bit rock hard and dry, I could still enjoy the taste. I won’t buy it again, but it was a fun experience and worth it now that I could cross that off my list of things to-do/taste.


Going to Central Park was a good breather to get away from the city life and grid-like life style. There weren’t many people there which made it a very comfortable and cozy experience. The river that snaked through the grassy valleys was peaceful and beautiful. Plus, the weather was excellent.


As we walked around Central Park, I realized how easy it s to lose your way with all the roads twisting and intertwining with other pathways. I guess that is what the maker wanted because a New Yorker told us that the maker of Central Park intended for people to be able to get lost and escape from the grid-like pathway that they lived everyday on the streets.


For lunch, we went to the Columbus Circle mall. The name made sense to me later, because the mall is around the center statue that you see in the middle of this picture, which is, Columbus.


The mall held many high end department stores such as Bebe, Stewart Weitzman, and many more department stores.


I ended up concocting myself a salad for lunch at Wholefoods.


One thing I love about the way New York displays their drinks is that they have so many different brands for the same drink category. There were signs that said water, iced coffee, juices, etc. And under each sign, there were about six different brands and packaging for the drinks. However, for the first time, I had a hard time deciding which bottle of water to get even though they were all simply water.


In the end, I chose this water because the packaging was simple, sleek, and cute.



To walk off all the food and desserts we ate for lunch, we walked on the High Line, which is a linear park that is stretched over Manhattan for 1.45 miles. It is elevated off from the ground which lets you walk in New York but away from the stuffy streets.


From the High Line, we were able to look over the Hudson River and even spot New Jersey.


To make it to the last attraction of the day, we started to make our way to grab some dinner and make it the the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center). Here, we walked passed the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


Here we have the Plaza Hotel. Seeing the Plaza Hotel flooded old memories of the movie Eloise and how my sister and I would re-enact scenes of the cartoon film together.


If we stayed longer, we would’ve been able to see celebrities come in for the Tribeca Film Festival. But since we were on a tight schedule, we weren’t able to stay this time.

Anthropologie. This isn’t necessarily sight seeing but we had to stop by here and look around.


Right in front of the Rockefeller building.

For dinner, we stopped by Grand Central Station to grab a bite. In Grand central station, there were so many options to choose from that it made it hard to make up my mind. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a Shake Shack though. Spotting the Shake Shack solidified my choice for dinner. A chicken dog and one coffee fair shake. Mmm mmm mmm~


After dinner, we made our way to the Top of the Rock. When you enter the building, there is an elevator that shoots you all the way to the top in one trip where you are able to view New York and its busy streets, buildings, and chilly skies.

The view was spectacular. Seeing the tops of the buildings made the buildings not appear as grand like when I was on the streets looking up to the buildings. I could hear the faint sounds of cars honking and the wind blow a chilly breeze on my face and hair.


I had such a memorable time in New York and was sad to leave. I promise to make another trip to New York in the future. I may not miss the long lines, but I will miss the city lights and various attractions within the city.


Thank you to those who have been keeping up withe my daily blogs about my trip to New York! There will be a bit of a hiatus of travel blogs until summer comes. (Which is just around the corner)!



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