New York – Day 3 [042116]

From 9 am to 11 pm, I was walking around New York and visiting many areas. Today’s weather was more chilly than the other days I have been here, so I should’ve resorted to long pants; however, for the sake of fashion, I decided to wear a mid-thigh skirt. (Check out my “Soft April” look on my most previous blog post for more details about this outfit).


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New York’s Times Square was the first destination of the day since today was going to be a more shopping kind of day. Of course being the country tourists who we are, we visited many typical tourist shops on the sides of the roads.

The bright colors and consistent M&M themed items caught our eye as we were walking by. When we went into the M&M store, my friend and I ( Insta: @regine_owens ) couldn’t resist the temptation of taking a selfie with the playfully designed hats and cups.


On the way, we also made a quick stop at the Disney shop where I saw a wall full of adorable plush characters. If they weren’t almost 20$ each, I would’ve bought one of each character!

Right beside the Disney shop is Forever 21. The beauty of this Forever 21 store is that there are four floors filled with goodness. Plus, all the clothing are color coordinated throughout the whole store.


Before going to the Broadway show “Aladdin,” I took some time to eye shop in H&M. The interior design was similar to Forever 21’s, but, H&M surpassed them with their live DJ music that filled every corner of the store.


Near the DJ’s control board, on the second floor, is a cozy lounge. The lounge simply consists of a massive couch that wraps the inner corner of the wall and spreads out in one direction until the wall ends.


For lunch, I had the privilege of finally tasting Shake Shack’s foods! All the positive rumors I had heard about before I came were put to the test. Let me say, those people were not lying. I love the food and service here. In fact, I am craving it right now as I type up this blog. I strongly urge you to eat at Shake Shack if you have the privilege to.



I am more of a hot dog kind of person rather than a hamburger lover, so I ordered their Chicken Dog and a serving of Crinkle Fries. The meat of my Chicken Dog was cooked beautifully. The meat was delicious and the fries were… well, simply a-little-better-than-normal-fries.


After indulging myself with a Chicken Dog, we saw Broadway’s Aladdin musical! Broadway musicals never fail to impress and intrigue me with their acting and singing. Genie was for sure my favorite character for the musical, who was played by Michael James Scott. Aladdin, Adam Jacobs, did a phenomenal job singing and sounded almost identical to the Aladdin from the classic film. I wasn’t personally a fan of the woman, Courtney Reed, who acted as Jasmine. Her lung capacity and techniques were good, yet, her voice tended to sound a bit whiny.


The day I was waiting for had finally came when we went to Korea Town to explore. When we saw that there was a Paris Baguette in Manhattan City’s Korea town, we were ecstatic to enter.

My favorite dessert currently is Royal Pudding. I prefer the Royal Puddings from Asian bakeries because of the cute bottles. The Royal Pudding is made of egg whites, milk, sugar, and liquid caramel.


While we were in Korea Town, some of the people with me were growing hungry. To feed our appetite, we dined at a restaurant called Tofu House. Their food was about 3.5 out of 5 stars, because the 반찬 (side dishes) they set out were not tasty. The food came our quickly though, which was a very thankful. I ordered 버섯 순두부 (mushroom soon tu-bu).


As silly as it seems, I was so in love with the Royal Pudding that I had to purchase another one to devour and satisfy my craving stomach.


I am not ashamed in admitting that I got ecstatic when we found out there was a Face Shop  (Korean Cosmetic Store) in the Korea Town. Korean cosmetic products are so clean and beautifully packaged that it influenced me to purchase a lot of cosmetic items such as lip tints, foundation primers, and face masks. Plus, all the tiny samples they hand out when you check out are always welcomed to me! I all-together enjoyed myself too much during this time today.

For our last Broadway performance, we went to Stomp. Watching Stomp gave me a sense of freshness, compared to the typical loud singing voices. Stomp shows the beauty of how regular day-to-day items can turn into cool beats and music pieces. It slightly inspired me to start creating my own beat instead of simply labeling them as trash.


Thank you so much for reading. Today was an awesome day because we were able to visit Korea Town and eat and lot. Tomorrow, we will be leaving New York at 8 pm… it’s crazy how fast time flies by. Stay posted so that you can see how my last day of New York will be tomorrow!



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      1. Yes!! There’s this one restaurant i cant remember what its called tho. I think its fifth sense or something like that. Have you been there? They have great food!


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