Golden Foil Accent


For my last day in New York, I decided to go with a more casual and simple look, unlike my two previous looks which were more on the girly side.


I do regret wearing the black coat, because it was hotter than usual and I found myself wiping off a generous amount of sweat. Nevertheless, I was pleased with how the combo of the black coat and jean dressshirt looked together.


Inner Top: To my surprise, I was able to find this gorgeous flowy tank top at Tjmax. The material is thicker than the regular chiffon material. The base color is white with gold foil like splotches here-and-there all over. I love this tank top because you can basically layer it with any jacket and it will look snazzy.

Outer Top: From my same shopping trip to tjmax, I purchased this soft jean-colored dress shirt that I used as light jacket instead of buttoning up. The faded sky blue shade complements the gold flakes by giving it more of a cute and innocent look.

Coat: For those who have been seeing all of my outfits for New York, I promise this is the last time you’ll see this coat. But it just went with all of my outfits! That is precisely the reason why I love this coat, because of its versatility. I can match it with formal looks like my “dark and sophisticated” look, or with a casual outfit like this one!




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