New York – Day 2 [042016]

At 7:30 am, I woke up full with energy to tackle today’s activities. Since the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) was the first attraction for the day, I decided to present myself in a chic manner with this outfit.

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I described my outfit in more detail in my previous blog post “Dark and Sophisticated.”


Warning: lots of pictures will be shown as you scroll down because the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an expansive building that is filled with an overwhelming number of famous, unique, and exclusive art creations.

Outside & Atrium

These are some of my favorite rooms and creations from the sculpture part of the museum all summed up in a five picture collage. Now here are some frivolous shots that I could’t resist to not capture.




It was interesting to see how the dynamics and techniques of art have changed from the old centuries to the present. When I observed the master pieces of the modern day artists, I realized how random and unique their thoughts and inspirations are. Many modern day artists are completely absorbed in their feelings and depend on their emotions to inspire their artworks. Nevertheless, here are my favorites from the Modern/Contemporary Art section.

16-04-19-23-48-09-051_deco (1)



Second favorite


Favorite artwork in the modern art section. The undefinable face expressions and quite eerie shades are what makes me drawn to this painting.

Finally, we found the Asian section where the outside temple was. It was beautiful since the roof was constructed of windows. The sunlight permeated all throughout the temple courtyard.

Within the Asian section, there was a tiny room designated to the arts of Korea. Since I am Korean, it was pretty much a axiomatic response to take a picture in front of the entrance.

Egyptian section



After soaking in a generous amount of art knowledge, we headed down the street in hopes of eating at a Chinese restaurant. Around 0.4 miles from the MET was the Chinese restaurant Wok 88.


After stuffing myself with their Iced Thai Tea and Honey Tso’s Chicken, it was time for me to crack open my cookie and reveal my fortune. Although it may seem trivial, it hit a nerve inside of me that is personal. Since I felt as if this fortune was written specifically for me, I decided to stuff it in my wallet for keep and memory sake.


I am sorry to inform you that my phone was dead before I could get shots of China Town, Little Italy, Ground Zero (where 9/11 occurred), and the Trinity Chapel. I unfortunately don’t have any photos from those locations. China Town was my favorite simply because I got Boba Tea there at the Boba cafe called “Chattime.”



Luckily, I was able to charge my phone after dinner for the Broadway show “Wicked.” I have not watched the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” so I didn’t catch on to some of the little insiders they made. Despite the lack of background of the movie, I enjoyed EVERY bit of the musical. For one, the cast members are truly blessed. Now I understand why Broadway is such an exhilarating experience. For this being my first time watching the musical “Wicked,” I am confident in saying that it was well planned out in the story line and had beautiful tunes that I wish to hear again!

After the marvelous musical, we walked through New York’s Times Square to get back to the hotel. At night, New York’s Times Square is lit up beautifully and is filled with popular stores on your left and right. Beware though! There are people who dress up in costumes (such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Mario) and involuntarily approach you for a picture. If you end up taking a picture with them, they ask you to tip them.


Walking through the streets of New York’s Times Square was a moment that my eyes will never forget. The feeling of being encompassed with twinkling lights and flashing colors was exciting and, in some way, almost had a cozy-ish feeling.


The area I still am anticipating to go to is Korea Town! I have a feeling that I will be going there tomorrow so stay posted~ I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures today. Thank you for reading~



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