New York – Day 1 [041916]

After driving all night for 15 hours, we finally arrived in New York! Despite the cold bus ride and stiff seats, all the excitement that had built up inside of me and my friends was evident. For a country girl like me, my first day of the lively city went a little like this…



The first stop we made was in New Jersey. We rode the Statue Cruises to Ellis Island and the Liberty Island (where our lady of liberty stands). The weather was a lot hotter than expected, so the boat ride was a battle period against the beating hot sun. Cause the last thing I want is to be sun burned on my FIRST day in New York.


When we docked into Ellis Island, we hit the Immigrant Museum quickly and briefly so that we could make it to the next boat ride to the Liberty Island. The museum wasn’t very intriguing, but the exterior/interior design was interesting!


This is the outfit that has been on me throughout the whole bus ride up and through the hot weather of New York today. While I was in the gift shop on Ellis Island, I couldn’t resist the temptation of snapping a full length shot through the body length mirror.


Finally, our last stop was to Liberty Island where we got to see New York’s landmark. It was not as big as I had imagined from the action movies like the Avengers, Fantastic Four, etc. However, it was still a moment that I was savoring since it is one of America’s most famous statues. (She has thick strong triceps, biceps, and calves… She is very healthy and stable looking!)

Instead of climbing the Statue of Liberty, my friend and I resorted to the gift shop where we decided to capture us sporting different souvenirs around the store.


The Crown Cafe is on the Liberty Island. In order to satisfy our starving stomachs, we decided to sacrifice our money for their pricey foods. Despite the over priced foods, the line wasn’t too long.



After visiting the Islands and checking into the hotel, we decided to venture around the bustling streets of New York. I never thought that people could be so different in another state, but I was proved wrong as I observed the citizens of New York. They all look as if they have a mission to be fulfilled and walk with stride and confidence. Bumping into each other and crossing the streets while cars are still in motion is a common doing in the streets of New York. Moreover, the most interesting trait I noticed was the the people don’t look at the eyes of others passing by. They are either engrossed in their electronics or simply stare at the ground as they walk.


In honor of my friend (who is a vegan), a group of us decided to eat at a vegan fast food eatery. Don’t let the word “vegan” cause you to think that the food was bland because it was quite scrumptious! Terri is a tiny, clean eatery that has great customer service. Their menu consisted of foods such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, smoothies, coffee, shakes, and juices.


With some diligent thinking and cross-eliminating various dishes, I found myself ordering their Southwestern Chicken Melt Sandwich and an Iced Coffee (with no room for cream or sugar). I was satisfied with the price considering how nice the quality of the food was.

The sandwich was filled with flavor and veggie chicken strips that had a delicious BBQ sauce and consistent chewy texture. The guacamole was fresh and had a major contribution to the sandwich. One complaint I have though is that the bread was pretty mushy. By the time it came for me to munch down my second half, the bottom bread piece had split apart due to moisture of the tomato and cheese.


Their juices at Terri was probably the best product! They have around five different types of juices that come in a simple/cute plastic bottle. Mint Green Iced Tea is personally my favorite because it isn’t too sweet and has a hint of green tea. I was worried about the mint part, but the mint taste isn’t prominent, so I was relieved.


The last, and the most fun part of today, was The Ride tour that we had the privilege of riding for about an hour and a half. Instead of the mainstream layout of bus seats all facing forward toward the driver, the seats were all angled horizontally facing toward the side of the bus. On the left side of the bus, the whole side is constructed of glass. On the two sides of the glass window, we had two MC’s who informed us and entertained us while we drove throughout Manhattan New York. The whole ride was fun and extremely interactive because as we would make quick stops here and there throughout the streets, random New Yorkers would spontaneously display various talents. A mail man was walking past when suddenly our tour bus started to blast music for all the people on the street to hear. The man hesitantly set his package on the ground and started to break dance. He was impressive as he displayed dance moves, such as the windmill and aerial (cartwheel without hands). At another stop, the bus blasted an old musical song that resulted in a man dancing along with the tune (with a musical theater flair to his dance). The street shows we witnessed ranged from dancing, playing instruments, rapping, singing, doing pull-ups, to a couple perform a ballet choreography. During the remaining five minutes of the tour, the MC’s turned on a karaoke machine and invited everyone in the bus to sing along. Even though there were occasionally cringe worthy jokes, it was an overall enjoyable and memorable experience.


By having this much fun on only my first day here in New York, I am stoked for the rest of memories that are yet to fill my mind for these next three days. I will be updating every night, so please stay posted and have a great day~Thank you for reading!




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