Dark and Sophisticated


Since I’m in New York, I decided to pull together a more fancy and dark outfit to blend in with the other business-like New Yorkers on the street.




Top: I love the thick yet stretchy material of this black turtle neck top that I dug out of my mother’s closet. It’s not too tick where I am sweating, but allows enough air to penetrate through.

Coat: I got this coat in Korea. I really like this coat because of the sturdy material and wide sleeves that it has. The pockets are skinny and are not very noticeable. It has an overall sleek look.

Skirt: If you didn’t know, I am obsessed with thrift shopping. I was lucky enough to find this plaid, mid-length pencil skirt. The colors woven throughout the material gives a calm and modern feel even though plaid designs tend to have an olden time feel.

Shoes: For the comfort of my feet, I decided to buy a pair of sandals that had an even 1 inch heel all around the bottom. The black color makes these sandals one of my most versatile shoes that I can match up with almost any outfit.




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