YOU Are Your Biggest Critic


Have you ever wondered why you’re not good enough or why you aren’t accomplishing anything plausible? I have felt that many times; however, after accepting certain facts and perspectives, I don’t feel as disappointed in myself. I’m not saying what we should settle for less than what we are capable of, but that there are certain aspects that we need to realize and accept them for what they are, such as…

1. Be easy on yourself, you’re your worst critic.
It’s true, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is probably the hardest tip to take into practice for those who are extremely critical and peculiar with their tastes. In reality, the situation is not as bad as it seems to others in comparison to the way you grandiose the issue.

2. It’s OKAY to settle for the little things. Build up slowly.
If we are only dreaming big and don’t settle for anything that comes short of it, we will constantly be hit with feelings of failure and doubt in ourselves. You define your succes. By simply aiming for a simple goal at first, you will feel successful, which will lead you to aim for a more complex goal. By slowly building the complexity of your goals, you’ll find yourself more satisfied with your progress and yourself.

3. Block out the haters… kind of…
Confidence is a beauty and an envied trait by many. Sometimes, some will interpret confidence as an act of blocking out all the haters. Although that is a key practice that can be difficult for some, it is also important to be able to have the conscience and courage to admit some faults that others point out. Instead of being in denial, listen to the comments that some haters may say and sift out the trash from the valid points that need improvement on. Don’t be a push-over; be wise in the criticism that you choose to reconstruct yourself with.

4. Accept compliments tastefully.
It may be awkward, but bear with it! If you’re not going to compliment yourself, then who else will compliment you for your accomplishments? Without being proud, humbly accept compliments directed toward you and use it as stamina and motivation to continue improving yourself to exhibit your best.

5. There will always be someone out there who is better than you are in a certain task.
This is a pride hurting fact that everyone should accept because it is true. Once you accept this, you allow your mind to be humbled and stopped from comparing yourself to others. As we all know, happiness is not found through comparing yourself to others. The only feeling obtained is despair and bitter feelings toward that certain person. As malicious as it is, jealousy can ruin a person slowly.

6. Love you for who you are.
Who knew that such an overused advice would be the hardest advice to adopt. Personally, this was probably the hardest advice to take to heart because we are so hard on ourselves. It’s easy for us to love others, yet when it comes to accepting who we are and embracing ourselves, it becomes an impossible task. When you love yourself, that doesn’t need to necessarily mean that we are happy accomplishing the same tasks everytime, because when you love yourself, you’re going to want to see yourself grow to your full potential.


     I don’t know how beneficial this post was, but I hope that in some way, shape, or form, that this sparked a tiny flame of inspiration or encouragement in someone. Thank you for taking the time to read~



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