Ready to Leave

I am super excited because I will be heading down to New York this Sunday! It is my first time going to New York, so I would greatly appreciate it if you left a comment on where some “must-see/eat” places are. In the meantime, today was the only day I could do some last minute shopping for my trip to come. However, before I proceeded to shopping, I treated myself to an iced Americano~


16-04-15-16-57-06-121_decoYes, some hate the potent bitterness of the drink; however, I thrive on bitterness. My auntie once told me that people who love the bitter taste are usually slightly psychopath… I still need to conduct some research and formulate a conclusion on that. Once I do, I will make sure to post about it! Nevertheless, I love bitter drinks (especially black coffee).


16-04-15-21-11-15-406_decoToday, I was in the faux fur mood. As a result, I grabbed my gray/white faux fur vest and decided to shop in it (even though it was quite hot). I’m pretty sure some people concluded that I was fashionably off season, but it’s okay, I’ll dress a bit off season only for today.


16-04-15-21-05-33-138_decoI didn’t have time to make an official shopping run to the mall, so I visited Tjmax in hopes of finding a light washed pair of jeans… However, no success. The jeans on the right side of the picture were to big around the hips. But I was fond of the jean’s color, so I debated a bit if whether or not I should purchase the jeans and hide the hip issue with a belt, or simply not buy it. I went with not purchasing it, so I’m still in the department for needing light washed jeans.


16-04-15-17-01-21-651_decoAfter shopping, I happened to pass by Five Guys Burgers and Fries. I was really craving their potato wedges. I promise, I could consume (inhale) three large servings of potato wedges with zero help. Since I am leaving to New York soon though, I decided, for the sake of my thighs, to opt out on this opportunity. On the bright side, I will be able to eat incredibly delicious meals and french fries in New York. I’ll hold myself back until then~



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