Delicate Spring Eye Look

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I decided to welcome Spring with a simple coral pink eye look that was, actually, inspired by some stationery cards that were lying around my house.


The pink isn’t a baby pink, but has a slight hint of coral in it. Along with the gold sparkles, I thought these colors would make a cute/girly spring makeup look.


16-04-14-19-58-03-292_decoUrban Decay’s Freelove eyeshadow


Use your finger to dab Freelove on the outer part of the eye.


16-04-14-19-57-39-249_decoBare Mineral’s White Gold loose eyeshadow & two-sided brush


Use a medium sized brush (I used the superior end of the brush pictured above) to apply the shimmering white/gold eyeshadow in the front part of the eyes. Then blend it delicately into the coral pink shade.


16-04-14-19-54-08-409_decoLorac Pro Palette Unzipped’s Undiscovered


Use a smaller brush to apply a gold shadow on the inner corners of the eye and to the front 2/3 bottom region of the eye.


20160408_142312Bare Mineral’s Espresso & Black gel pencil eyeliner


Use the black eyeliner to fill in your water line on the top lid to make your eyes look bigger. Then, use the brown eyeliner to create the main eye line. Wing the eyeliner upward slightly. (For those with monolids, have your eyeliner be slightly thicker in the middle for it to be visible).


16-04-14-20-02-04-193_decoNYX’s Butter Lipstick #04 (BLS04) & Maybelline’s Shocking Coral

  1. Apply NYX’s butter lipstick first to give the lips a brighter look (and also the base for the second lip color).
  2.  Lightly apply Maybelline’s Shocking Coral lipstick on the inside and dab it with your finger to blend it outward.


And then you’re done! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this makeup tutorial that was inspired from a stationery card! Have a good day everyone~


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