Only 75 calories?!


To all my buddies on a diet, I feel you…Being on a diet can be extremely depressing because you can’t eat dessert! However, I found this jackpot ice cream that has only 75 calories per half cup. In regular ice cream, there is about 200 calories in each half cup so there is a huge difference! Now I am able to diet and indulge a little bit of goodness without feeling too guilty.


I have tried many different types of low calorie ice creams, and the lowest one I ever found was 100 calories for a whole pint! I was so excited to eat it. As I took my first bite, I realized that it said 100 calories for a reason… It tasted like shaved ice that had about a teaspoon of vanilla extract. It was quite disappointing. HOWEVER, the consistency of this Arctic Zero Cookie Dough ice cream is creamy and tastes very similar to regular vanilla ice cream.


There are even cookie dough chunks inside!


And there are only 8 grams of sugar!


Good luck to everyone who is dieting~ You can do it 🙂


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