Eight Shades of My Lips

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If you happen to run into me in public, the chances are high that I would be wearing one of these shades on my lips (or maybe even two!) I chose about 1/3 of my lip collection products to blog about because these are the shades I find myself applying the most frequently.


16-04-12-13-27-46-923_decoMaybelline’s Bare All #910

I don’t use this lipstick as an overall color to wear by itself. If I did, someone might call the ambulance for me (I look ghastly pale/sick). Instead, this is a quick “foundation” I put on my lips before doing a gradient lip look. This comes in handy when I don’t have space to carry my foundation cushion around.


16-04-12-13-39-01-926_decoMaybelline’s Shocking Coral #870

This shade is absolutely feminine and girly and PERFECT for the spring time. It is mainly a tulip pink with a subtle hint of coral mixed in. Although, a caveat is that you need to remember to moisten up those lips before applying this color on or else it can cause your lips to look a bit chapped. So start moistening those lips!


16-04-12-13-38-39-219_decoMaybelline’s Are You Red-y #625

As you can tell, I really like Maybelline’s lip products. My friend showed them to me about a year ago and I fell in love with them! (Thank you~) I have always wanted a vibrant red lip color for special occasions and night time dates. I strongly believe that EVERY woman should have at least one substantial red lip color. For me, it is this one. out of all my Maybelline matte lipsticks, this one applies the best. It also keeps my lips hydrated for a whole day!


16-04-12-14-56-03-960_decoMaybelline’s Touch of Spice #660

I promise this is the last Maybelline lipstick! Out of all my lip products, this is the most bold. Only because it is a dark shade. Asians don’t particularly pull off dark lip colors well; however, this is a a slight darker shade that has tones of brown and maroon in it. The closest resemblance I can think of is Kylie’s typical lip color. This is similar to her shade. Nevertheless, this is one of the top picks for me out of my collection.


16-04-12-13-37-22-784_decoMakeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Intense #40

Ever since I watched the Korean Drama 별에서온그대 (My Love From Another Star), I have been in love with orange lip colors like cheon song-yi’s in the drama. Her lip color resulted in customers flocking to cosmetic stores and putting YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture #52 out of stock. Since YSL can be expensive, I opted for Makeup Forever’s lipstick. It is extremely pigmented so I dab it on my lips and slowly build on the intensity by dabbing. The color is too bold if you swipe it on. Make sure to moisten your lips before using this lip product too!


16-04-12-13-41-42-418_decoLoreal’s Wild Lily #410

Loreal is not the brand I would typically think of when talking about lip products. However, this particular lipstick has obtained a spot in my favorites list. Sometimes when I am aiming for a more natural and dewy makeup look, I don’t want to use my bold and colorful lip colors. That’s when I pull out this buddy. The sheer petal pink shade it elegant and looks fresh/natural. Plus, since it’s a balm too, it hydrates and colors the lips all day.


16-04-12-13-45-06-904_decoInnisfree’s Real Gloss (Coral)

When I talk about Korea’s lip products, I can’t help but mention how awesome their lip tints are! I’m a huge fan of lip tints and need to restock on them. This lip tint is a bit different though because it becomes matte after a few seconds of applying it on. The light, playful coral shade is, ideally, to be worn in the summertime. The coolest part is the brush applicator. When you screw off the top, there is a long skinny tube. On the cap, you have to click a button that pushes out the brush. Once you’re done, simply screw it back into the body tube and the brush will magically be pushed back inside for the next time you use it. Voila~


16-04-12-13-47-32-086_decoYves Saint Laurent’s Gloss Volupte #1

For the days when I am feeling a bit more fabulous than usual, I apply this shimmering glitter gloss over another lip color. The beauty of this gloss is that the gold sparkles aren’t strongly prominent to the point of looking tacky. Instead, it magically places the sparkles tastefully all over your lips to help amp up the previous lip color. For instance, after applying Maybelline’s Shocking Coral lipstick, wait till it has dried more and then gently apply this gold gloss over. Now you’re ready to party~


Thank You for reading! Let me know your favorite lip products in the comments~

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