Natural Remedies vs. Synthetic Medications


Growing up in a family where each of my parents had polar methods of healing my sickness — my father is for synthetic medications, and my mother is for natural remedies — I have grown up experiencing both methods. My auntie passed away from cancer while being on Chemo. To see the chemically medicated process take away her hair, body, and youth each year was painful when I would observe and converse with her at our family reunions. Since then, it has frequently crossed my mind on which method is the better method to follow.

After conducting a thorough research on this topic, I have come to the conclusion that when curing an illness or simply overcoming a bodily discomfort, natural remedies are more beneficial than synthetic medications because they have fewer side effects and are more accessible.

Natural Remedies have fewer side effects than synthetic medications.

Many Pharmaceutical drugs are not 100% credible and should be researched more into. Dr. Andrew Weil, the founder and director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, wrote in The Huffington Post from The Blog about “Why Plants Are (Usually) Better Than Drugs.” In this post, Dr. Weil points out that when researchers are formulating a medication, they isolate an effective point of a plant and synthesize it. Along with the synthesizing, they also slightly modify the molecules to have a more effective result in the body for profit reasons. Some researchers are eager to set out their drug inventions for a profit, which is human-nature to want a plausible income.

Andrew Liebman, from the PBS website article, “Dangerous Prescription,” states that “Since 1997, more than a dozen drugs have been taken off the market due to severe side effects or injuries.” Also, when a drug goes out in the market, it has only been tested on 3,000 subjects. And with that insignificant number, it is being exposed to 7.4 billion people, which is the population of the earth in 2016 according to Google.

The side-effects of synthetic drugs usually have a domino effect.

Patricia Barry, a health expert who wrote an article on the website Drugs & Supplements called, “Prescription Drug Side Effects,” informed that “Tens of millions of people are suffering every day – often without knowing why.” The stimulators for the “suffering” quoted earlier are from medications, which were previously covered on the site. M.D., Gordon Schiff added on saying that many people keep buying other medications to treat the side effects for the previous medication. In other words, synthetic medications mask the root problem.

4.5 million Americans go to the doctor’s office or the emergency room each year due to drug effects. In some cases, the side effects have even led to death (Barry). However, not all side effects are boldly harmful. Some are mild, such as, “drowsiness, sleeplessness, muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, and bouts of depression (Barry).” Dr. Weil expressed that “Human beings and plants have co-exist for millions of years, so it makes perfect sense that our complex bodies would be adapted to absorb needed.”

In a blog from Prweb Newswire called, “Constipation Home Remedies That Work by Homeremediesbook,” discloses some methods as simple as drinking more water or consuming a diet high in fiber. Both of those are ingredients that the body needs and will have a more friendly effect internally than synthesized chemicals.

Natural remedies are more accessible to everyone location and expense wise.

Likewise, the high fiber diet and more water consumption tips stated previously are methods that do not require a large purchase or a trip to the hospital to obtain. Everybody needs food anyway to survive. By making a few alternations to a person’s diet, it can help save their life and also lead them to a better lifestyle, because all the natural ingredients needed to cure are ones that can be bought at the local grocery store, your backyard, or even a few feet away from you according to Welness Mama who wrote “Natural Remedies for Illness – How to Recover Faster.”

Synthesized drugs are more expensive than going the natural way. Dr. Mark Sircus from his site Dr. Sircus, posted an article called, “Cost of Cancer Treatments – Natural Allopathic Vs. Allopathic.” It lays out the difference of cost between taking the natural remedy way vs. getting medical therapy through the hospital: $1,166 vs. $250 a month.

It is true than modern and synthetic medications have changed history in a significant way through vaccinations, anesthesia, and anaphylactic treatments. Personally, I am thankful for synthetic medcations becuase my brother has an anaphylactic allergy to peanuts, and without the eid of an Epipen, he would die if he had an allergic reaction. Natural remedies are not the only and absolute way one should take. In certain circumstances, modern medicine is necessary; however, there are a wide variety of stories of people who have been cured through natural remedies from supposed, terminal diseases. Synthetic medications give a domino effect of side effects to the body that lead to more and more purchases hoping to mask the previous side effect; on the contrary, natural remedies are what the body needs or is used to, so the only side effects will be if the person is allergic. The natural method is more accessible and affordable to everyone rather than traveling long distances to get medical treatments.

Not only do people want to be healthy and be cured from an illness one may be facing, but also, people want to live a healthy life day-to-day and be mentally clean, ready to take one each day. That is possible, when we make healthy choices and watch as natural remedies provide a long-term effect in our lives.




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