The History Behind my Hair

I would have to say that I am blessed to have hit the jackpot, considering that I am Korean, and received my father’s curly hair gene. Most Asians have straight glossy hair like my mother and siblings. As much as people tell me they love my hair, I cannot restrain myself from experimenting on it. I am a type of person who constantly wants a change in my look. So, I resort to changing my image through my hair. The colors and cuts I put my hair through may be foolish at times, but hey~ mistakes happen for us to learn from and improve! Here goes the history of my hair in a time span of less than a year.


Β 20150727_114527 (1)

August 2015, this was the longest and the healthiest that I had grown my hair since 2014. The good ole’ days before damage stormed through.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

February 2016, I bleached the sides for a peek-a-boo highlight style and dyed it magenta pink, which turned out to be a baby pink as it faded with every shower.

2016022195154940 (1)

March 2016, I did the most drastic hair dye choice in my life. I stripped all of my previous hair dyes: black box dye, box bleach, and pink and purple hair dyes. However, the patches of inconsistent shades bothered me… Therefore, another dye session was needed because the last color I wanted was orange! The desired color I showed to the hair dresser was a chocolate brown.

Processed with VSCO

March 2016, most of the previous orange tone was slowly diminishing which was a relief. Now, an ashy chestnut brown coating was prominent. (The slightly reddish/pink tips are from chalk that I experimented with).

April 2016, I cannot live without color, so I decided to lather the ends of my hair with Sally’s “Vivid Orchard” temporary hair dye. Now I have a purple ombre from a deep chestnut brown to a vivid purple. And yes, I do admit that my hair is completely fried. If I pull at the ends when wet, they snap at the last healthy point hair on each hair follicle. However, I am still thankful that my hair is clinging on to my head pretty well! Thank you hair~


I have decided to go on a hair dye-it [diet] for the time being so that my hair can slowly return back to its healthy state before I go bald! It will be hard not to mess with my hair but… I’ll have to try~


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4 thoughts on “The History Behind my Hair

  1. I have straight, silky hair lol. It doesnt hold anything well and takes three hours just to loosely curl with a flat iron lmao


  2. The purple hair is really cool!! My browser can’t load most of the pictures above so D: I dyed my hair pink recently and my hair just become so unhealthy…. which makes me sort of sad because I used to have healthy hair 😦

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