Intro to My Wardrobe

These three outfits that I will be going more into detail are about the three types of styles I wear, although I do have one confession. The outfits above are on the more normal side compared to the typical outfits I tend to lean toward. I love to be a bit funky with my matching and colors. I am a total sucker when it comes to layering. To me, layering opens up a whole new method of styling previous outfits and new ones to be styled. I can guarantee that for my many outfits to come, you’ll witness many layered outfits, skirt pairings, and funky clothing pieces.



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Top: I bought this simple ivory chiffon blouse at Bloomingdales. Since the color ivory is not as clean and bold as white, it can tend to have an almost softer look. Plus, I have a more tan skin pigment than many other asians so I find that the shade ivory complements my skin shade better most of the time.

BottomAgain, I bought the skirt in Bloomingdales. Although the picture does not do much justice in showing the true shade of the skirt, it is a slightly more deep maroon color. It’s been a while since I have been buying a collection of long skirts that reach to the bottom of my knee. The length automatically gives off an elegant, vintage, and modest feel, which also gives you more liberty of moving around without being afraid of flashing the world when wearing shorter skirts.

PurseWhen my mother went to Thailand last year, she purchased this simple yet stylish black shoulder purse from a tiny shop in Thailand for a cheap price. The material and pattern look similar to a Chanel purse. Shockingly, for the amount it was worth, I am proud in how durable it has been these past several months.

*I purposefully paired the long skirt with more neutral shades to put all the accent in the skirt to show off the material and maroon color of this beautiful pleaded skirt.



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Top: This pastel pink sweater is a great transition item from winter to spring because of  the spring color and the thick enough material to keep you warm through the chilly days. I bought this sweater at Forever21 (which I do not usually shop at). Personally, I tend to find some of their clothing pieces a bit cheap except for their  winter clothes.

Bottom: I just realized the coincidence of my styling because the floral print skirt is ALSO from Forever21. I fell in love with the skirt when I felt the material. The fabric is similar to that of a swimsuit. It may sound odd, however, the stretchy spandex cloth makes this the most comfortable article of clothing by simply slipping it on. A zipper is not needed! I don’t know if it is noticeable, but I love skirts. Some think of it as being too girly… which is true, but it gives off the impression that you gave a bigger effort to dress nicely when, in reality, it only required a quick pull over your waist. 

Necklace: I received this pink crystal necklace from my friend for my birthday this past January. She bought it from her workplace, Aldo. I was slightly surprised because I thought that Aldo only sold shoes. Nevertheless, I love the simplicity and length of this necklace.



2016-01-16 10.47.41 1.jpg

Who said that women can only shop in the women’s section in clothing stores? There are times when I wander off into the men’s section when it comes to  button-up tops and jackets. In this case, I happened to spot this tomboyish/chic button-up dress shirt. The color combination isn’t bright and obnoxious; instead, it gives off a relaxed vibe. I am more of a cool tone person so I was more interested in this shirt particularly because of its cool shade. I encourage you to check out the men’s section next time you find yourself re-visiting the same clothing racks in the women’s section. It never hurts to search because you never know what odd keepers you will stumble upon.


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